Justice for Peanut and Moomoo!

Hi my name is Britny Wise, my family lives in Waldron Indiana! My boyfriend Doug Meulen and i were the owners of two 13 month old husky puppies! They were brothers, Peanut was a Siberian husky and Moomoo was a Malamute husky! On fourth of July morning they got out of their kennel for approximately an hour. We got a knock on our door to deputy Debaun asking us if we owned two huskies! We said yes he said are they here. I said they should be i will go check on them, they should be in their kennel. He said ok go ahead and go check if you would please. I checked and they were not, they had gotten out. He said well were they wearing choker chains we said yes. I then asked what was wrong and deputy Debaun stated they had attacked some chickens and the owner took it upon themselves and shot them. I asked where they were at and why would he do that. The deputy stated he couldn't refrain them from killing his chickens anymore. So he shot them and they died. I said why didn't he just bring them here and look for their owners and shoot into the air to scare them off. He said i don't know ma'am! He just said he couldn't restrain them from killing his chickens. I asked the deputy where they were and he stated they were with animal control to be brought here. I said ok, the deputy stated the owner tried burying them in his backyard. I said why would he bury my dogs if they weren't his. The deputy said i don't know but i told him we had to find the owner's because you can't bury dogs that don't belong to you. So the animal control officer Jack Clay brought our dogs to us and we identified them as ours. They were not only shot once not twice but three times each. They were overkilled and after we saw our dogs were clean of blood and feathers we knew they couldn't have killed any chickens. My brother had stayed the night and my boyfriend and him began burying our dogs. Then i went inside to console my children and before the cop left i told him we wanted to prosecute he stated no one was prosecuting anyone and that he was not pressing charges against either party. He wouldn't go through with our choice and he wouldn't pursue anything or investigate it. He left and i went back inside and got on the waldron will site on Facebook i found out my dogs were chased around a house by the owners son named chris Johnson and he shot them and killed them even though they were no where near his chickens but he lied to the cops where they were shot at. The sons father john Johnson loaded them up into a backhoe after his son shot once they yelped and then got shot and yelped again others in town heard the gun shots and saw my dogs run around the house and never come back. They were shot the third time in their head. They were loaded up into the backhoe and driven down the road into a wooded area where the cop actually found them and he told John Johnson to bring them back to find the owners. So he did dump them and bury them in a property that didn't belong to him and they were shot on a property he rents out not his own and no where near the chickens like he stated. John Johnson lied to the deputy and told him he was the one that shot them. I read some of this on the Waldron will site from neighbors in town. I have witnesses and proof the cop lied to me when i asked him to come back and investigate what was said by these witnesses he stated they retracted what they said on waldron will. Then the deputy stated my dogs were never dumped or loaded up but i have proof in pictures and witnesses. The cop saw him in the act and covered it up then i couldn't get the report for a week and i actually ended up getting my copy of the report from my local animal shelter. I want these men held accountable for what they have done and the crimes they committed. They will not stop because they have already threatened another dog and tried scaring my witnesses off and they tried shooting two other dogs and telling animal control they were attacking his chickens. The neighbors said he was sitting in his yard holding a rifle waiting for the dogs to come into his yard so he could shoot them. I need help prosecuting and pressing charges on then for what they have done to my baby boys! It isn't right and it isn't fair. They didn't deserve this and they didn't deserve to die this way! Please help my family we want justice we are all heartbroken. Thank you

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