It's Not Too Late For Justice

  • by: Ronda Richardson
  • recipient: Hamilton Township Municipal Court, State Ethics Commission, Governor Corzine
Dear Governor Corzine and Honorable Members of the State Ethics Commission and of the Hamilton Township Municipal Court,

On December 7, 2009, Gordon Reibman, 60, kicked and punched a 60 pound creature so hard it died.  This was not done with just one blow, it required many blows to achieve the death of this dog, a greyhound.  According to his colleagues, Gordon Reibman loved his dog, yet became so enraged that night he turned to the only creature who would not fight back and kicked and punched, over and over, while this dog screamed and cried the entire time for it's very life.  Yet, in the end the screams and cries fell on deaf ears.  Now Gordon Reibman is sorry.  For this very gentle , graceful creature, sorry comes too little, too late.

This man, Gordon Reibman, works with New Jersey's troubled youth.  What message is this sending them?  It's okay to kill as long as you feel justified and have money and prestige?  These youth's are already troubled, how much more troubled will they be after receiving this message?

Studies have been done that identify animal abuse as being committed by people with problems.  Problems that manifest themselves as abuse towards humans.  Even  CIA agents have to take courses in profiling animal abusers because it helps them identify and stop future problems.

Gordon Reibman, needs to be evaluated by a psychiatrist and he needs to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law and also to be prohibited from owning any other pet.  Gordon Reibman cannot be allowed to just walk away from this.  That would be very discriminatory to say the least, irresponsible to say the most.  Discriminatory because he is a prominant figure and he can afford the defense which the youths he works with cannot. Irresponsible because the state of New Jersey has the chance to say this is wrong and stop an abuser.
We the undersigned respectfully request that Gordon Reibman be evaluated by a psychiatrist and be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law for his actions of Monday, December 7, 2009.  When he  took the life of one of his pet dogs in an extremely vicious and cruel manner.  He kicked and punched this dog while it screamed and cried and struggled for it's life. 

It is our belief that it is no longer ethically sound for him to counsel troubled youths.  How can Gordon Reibman continue to counsel troubled youths when he, himself is troubled?  He, instead, needs to be counseled for this extremely vicious and cruel act.

We also request that Gordon Reibman never be allowed to own another pet due to the vicious and cruel nature of the abuse that he committed on a defenseless creature.

It is our fervent hope that justice will be dealt swiftly in this matter.  Thank you for taking the time to give this letter time and consideration.
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