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Hi everyone, I am starting this petition in hope to get a television network to bring the Biggest Loser show to New Zealand. What really got my attention was that it was available in Australia so why not New Zealand?I found on a website that New Zealand has the second highest obesity rate with USA as the first, then the UK and then Australia. Shouldn't we have had the Biggest Loser before those two? I looked it up on Wikipedia and it even stated  that there was  a biggest loser Arab Land. I think that Biggest Loser is saving and changing alot of lives around the world, so why not New Zealand?  You can't enter any other biggest loser in any other country less you're a citizen. I was even willing to pay my ticket to go over to Australia, even America (that's how desperate i was)  so i might be in it. I have been morbidly obese my whole life, and have been on every diet you can possibly think of. On the Biggest Loser show i see the impossible happen, and can't help but wish one of those people who walk in chunky and leave lean and fit, but it's just not available here. I am trying to get as many signatures as possible so i can send this petition to all the TV Networks to see which one cares enough for the morbidly obese in New Zealand to make it available to the Kiwi's. I mean, if they can air New Zealand Idol for a bit (which by thevway was how's it going) and trial it then why not Biggest Loser? right? I mean if the Aussies have it why can't we right??? So I am inviting everyone to PLEASE sign this petition even if you're not overweight, please sign it just to show your support (you might know someone who's overweight and can benefit from this opportunity) and also sign it if you'd be interested to watch it, what the television networks need to understand is that ALOT of the contestants families will be watching it just to support them, i mean if we're watching the Australian one wouldn't we be watching our own countrys one? i mean it would be even MORE interesting right??? so PLEASE sign! hopefully a television network with a heart will hear this petition and give the show a go! They will feel better as they see people in New Zealand's lives changing! So don't wait!!! get signing! COME ON there are millions of people in New Zealand! shouldn't be too hard getting 15,000 signatures... right? Get signing people! If you are on Facebook, you can hook up to our page we created Supporters of Bring Biggest Loser to New Zealand.... It means alot your support!

TV3, TVNZ and ALL Televison Networks in New Zealand

We are petitioning for the Biggest Loser Show to come to New Zealand, We believe that the opportunity should be available to Kiwi's. We get to watch it, now we and our families would like to have the opportunity to apply for it and take part in it. We can't apply in other countries as we need to be citizens. We researched the internet and found that New Zealand has the second highest Obesity rate with USA as the first. You will not only be saving peoples lives but changing them forever. You see obese people everywhere you go around here, YOU can be apart of changing that! As you see in many testimonies of the past Biggest Loser competitors, they move on and change other obese peoples lives. It's paying it forward. The good deed continues! If Australia can do why can't we? Just trial it for one season and see how it goes! Through this petition you will see how many people are desperate for a change, in their lives and in the lives of others! Alot of people watch Biggest Loser as it is, imagine how many more would watch it if it were their family? even more, a New Zealand Biggest Loser? We believe that our Voice will be made heard, and that you will do the right thing and make it possible!!! Thank you for taking the time to read this letter, and hearing us out! We trust you will make the right decision. 

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