Close down HAARP!

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We demand to close down American climatic weapon HAARP!

The strongest for last 140 years earthquakes and tsunami in Japan were caused by American climatic weapon HAARP.   61 440  sites in Internet.

Japan have had 300 billion of dollars damages.

provies-are readings of magnetometer of HAARP in these days:

One of the most reliable provies of attack of HAARP is video of the sky over Japan,where one can see clouds of HAARP.They were noticed ten minutes before first underground strokes.

24 and 25 March %u2013when there were new earthuakes in Japan-Haarp worked(there are readings of magnetometer of Haarp for these days in Internet.

New earthquakes.(March-April) were also caused by HAARP %u2013provies are in text

1 HAARP caused the earthquakes in Japan.

2The earthquakes  triggered an accident at a nuclear station Fukushima.

3 Than the accident at Fukushima was provoked by HAARP !

 The huge release of radiation on the Earth has been provoked by HAARP.All countries suffered for it.

US government takes down HAARP website to conceal evidence of US weather modification and earthquake inducing wa.All this time HAARp caused the earthquakes in Japan.

 we ask Care2 to send this petition to Presidents of

 UNDP,EU,Japan,Germany, France,Czech,England,Poland,Lithuania,Serbia,Slovakia,R%u043Emania,Ukraine,

Moldavia,Ireland,Austria, Spain,Sweden,Italy,Iceland. Russia,Ukraine,White Russia, Israel, China,South Korea, Pakistan,Turkey,China,Greece, Indonesia,

India,Thailand,Malaysia,Burma,Oman, UAE, New Zealand, Austalia, Haiti, Chile, Peru,Canada,Norway.and world organizations.

 They all suffered from   the USA 

It is possible,that all countries sign petition to UNDP with demand to close down HAARP and demand closing at the session of UNDP. 

With help of HAARP Americans cause catastrophes in all the world.Purpose is-enslavement  of all  countries by America(including financial)All countries have  had damages   except America..The catastrophes  were created in Europe and Asia,Russia and America. The strongest catastrophes(for last hundreds years) happened after 1997-the year of starting  HAARP.

Scientist NASA says that HAARP causes  earthquakes.

HAARP causes earthquakes

There were not such strong catastrophes hundreds years.This fact and the readings of magnetometer of HAARP and videos prove that these tragedies were caused by HAARP.

Site of HAARP

Video about HAARP

There are only some catastrophes caused by HAARP %u2013 with provies(readings of magnetometer of HAARP and videos):


1 The strongest for last 100 years floods in Europe(German,France,Czech,England,Poland,Lithuania,Serbia,Slovakia,Romania, Ukraine,Moldavia,Ireland,Austria and Spain  had suffered)

  Weather Manipulation over Europe   provies

 strong snaw-falls in Europe

In Britain  their vast transportation system has ground to halt due to unprecedented snow and cold, likewise in Germany where travel chaos has ensued due to abnormal snow and cold.  Sweden is reporting the coldest temperatures it has experienced in over 100 years.

2 The gigantic whirlwind in Italy ,where were not whirlwinds ever.

3 The eruption of volcano in Iceland(april 2010) The volcano slept 189 years before.Air travel over Europe was interrupted.The eruption caused enormous damages for air-companies


Chemtrails in Europe

A lot of videos %u2013provies over Europe&aq=f

                                Russia,Ukraine and White Russia

4 HAARP caused an abnormal heat in 2010 in Russia,Ukraine and White Russia.There was not such heat in Russia about 1 000 years. In Russia was lost a quarter of harvest.


 Heat in Russia and HAARP heat in Russia&aq=f

Heat in Ukraine


                                            HAARP in Israel,Russia, and Mexico


5 The strongest for all time seismic observations earthquake in Pakistan(7.6 magnitude)in 2005(more than 100 000 citizens lost)

The flooding in Pakistan


6 The strongest snaw-falls in China,South Korea and Japan


7 The earthquake(7.6 magnitude) in 1999 in Turkey(about 20 000 citizens lost)

8 The earthquake in Sichuan(China)(about 70 000 citizens lost)


Chinese saw color lights of HAARP before the earthquake-video

H.A.A.R.P : The Relationship Between Color Light Sky Display & Earthquakes

9 The earthquake at island Patmos(Greece)

10 The strongest for last 700 years tsunami in Phuket(Indonesia) 26.12 2004 was also caused by HAARP(300 000 people from 20 countries lost)   A lot of citizens of Indonesia saw the Northern Lights-before the tsunami 26th ,December 2004.They are rarity there(it is a proof).In another countries people saw the sun halo in this day.(We saw the sun halo )It can prove that it was used some strong energy.(before disasters caused by HAARP often appear %uFFFDLights of HAARP%uFFFD

11 The earthquakes in Japan (March-April 2011)( 13 000 people lost)   

provies-are readings of magnetometer of HAARP in these days:

One of the most reliable provies of attack of HAARP is video of the sky over Japan,where one can see clouds of HAARP.They were noticed ten minutes before first underground strokes earthquake in Japan and HAARP&aq=f  3440 video-provies.

The earthquakes in March were caused by HAARP/Provies-are readings of magnetometer of HAARP in those days.All this time the site HAARPa worked and people managed to make screenshots of readings of magnotometer ,that proved involvement of HAARP to the earthquakes.
Then information about HAARP was sended to the Japanese government and  to newspapers, Internet.
Then the Americans continued to cause earthquakes in Japan to ward off suspicion from HAARP, and that all believe that the earthquakes were natural. The earthquakes in March and April in Japan were also a work of HAARP.
At  the same time, they closed the sites %u2013HAARP and HIPAS
I visited the site HAARP every day, it worked. These sites stopped working from the end of March. (these sites show  readings of the magnetometer (magnitometer chart).

 If it was a simple breakdown of the site, they would repair it for a day. Sites don`t work for 2 weeks.
All this time, almost every day, continuing the earthquakes in Japan.

Blocking sites is now proof that  new earthquakes causes HAARP (just the site with datas blocked)

Also, if the site will be unblocked, you can check-if  a disaster caused  by HAARP(it is need in the moment of catastophes watch  sites of HAARP,HIPAS,Aeresibo( it is need to watch the readings  of the magnetometer and another datas).

If the site-off-it also can be  proof, that datas are hidden..

Also, sometimes staff of  HAARP erase readings-see .the earthquake in Haiti..
Magnetometer readings during earthquakes in Japan probably already erased

12 The strongest for last 30 years hurricane in Oman and UAE is also related to HAARP.

13 The  strong earthquake at Sumatra(Indonesia) 6 04 2010


14 The earthquake in New Zealand February 21,2011


12 140 sites in Internet video


video provies

15 floods in Australia


 16 The strongest earthquake 7.0 magnitude in Haiti/( 300 000citizens lost)

Provies-1180 video

26 080 sites in Internet

President of Venesuela Ugo Chavez said that  the earthquake in Haiti was caused by HAARP

In the archives of HAARP were deleted datas(a day before the earthquake in Haiti.This man made screenshorts of datas.There are graphs 11th 2001-

17 The earthquake in Chile(2010) (30 000 sitizens lost) 17 060 pages

 provies %u2013there were seen lights of HAARP in moment of the earthquake

readings of magnetometer of HAARP in moment of the earthquake in Chile

18 The earthquake in Peru

19  The earthquake in Quebec(Canada)-23rd of June 2010

Provies different crimes of HAARP

20 Millions of Dead birds and Fish

21 The earthquake in New Madrid


22Lights over Norway

 23 At last time HAARP influenses together with chemtrails

Chemtrails in Europe provies

chemtrails and HAARP-22 800 video-provies haarp&aq=9

 24 HAARP causes Global Warming.It is no changing of climate but HAARP.

There are only some tragedies caused by Haarp.Really there are a lot of times more.There are 3 stations of climatic weapon worked in the USA.Only HAARP worked 2 000 hours a year.All this time it  continue create catastrophes in all the world.

As a climatic weapon,HAARP can provokes large disasters rains.that cause to disastrous floods,devastating hurricanes,whirlwinds on territory of enemy for undermining of it economics on the level of state,crop-failure famine ,financial losses.With help of HAARP it possible no only manipulate by weather,but destroys the atmosphere and ionosphere,the ozon layer,causes the strongest earthquakes and tsunami.HAARP damages for every country and whole the Earth.

So,HAARP causes the

 strongest catatrophes

in which die people and

 causes huge damages.

There are more than 1 000 000 died people for HAARP yet!!!

 25 There is a planet halo over the Earth.It looks like rainbow around the Earth.It its image from spase.The halo defenses the Earth from influence of spase.Also this halo  is a Heaven of our planet.There is a lot of souls  kind people and  saints live in it. May be color lights of HAARP-appear as result powering through this halo.HAARP corrodes halo.This causes  destroying of defence layer of the Earth and destroying of Heaven. HAARP influence by high energy at souls of dead people  and  at the Heaven.It lead to their weakness in the posthumous condition and reincarnation weak people in future. God and Souls of dead people suffer very much.  If we will not close down HAARP,  it destroy the Heaven(halo) of the Earth forever!Souls of dead of all the Earth  will suffer always.This  will cause to  getting  the Earth all strokes from spase without defence layer.

After influence of HAARP

ALL citizens

of ALL countries

 will be 1 weak 2 weak-spirit 3 full and 4 unhappy.

So,America prepare for all  countries the greatest national and planet tragedy.

All nations  except Americans will be weak

These people can be  easy enslave in future(by America).

European Parlament  tried to fight against HAARP.Also- China

If we will not close down HAARP-it destroys all our countries.

                                 How to fight against HAARP

                                                 We suggest

1Demand to close down HAARP!It is need that demand all suffered countries together(or all countries of the world) from the USA and UNDP(now,and on the session of UNDP,allways)(The USA is afraid of all countries together against it)


You can send your demands to  HAARP

 President of  the USA

Department of Deffence

Senate of USA

 To Embassies of USA in your country

2 Demand compensation to all suffered countries from the USA.!Damages of only one Japan are 300 billion dollars yet.

3 It is possible to destroy HAARP by bomb,rocket,from spase(spase nuclear weapon or something else.Use sputnik over HAARP to watching for it.Warn the USA-that if it will be used HAARP again-it will be destroyed by weapon.Russia has spase  forces.

It possible to ask help of Russia.(Russia also suffered for HAARP.)

4 Let`s all countries  and world organisations clamor

against the USA together(Europe,Asia,CIS,America and Australia)

5 Warn America,that if it will use HAARP,another countries use their climatic weapon against America.

Russia has climatic weapon-Sura

Norway also has two stations of climatic weapon


Europe can use it weapon against the USA

6 It is need to demand closing down all 3 stations of climatic weapon in the USA


    2 HIPAS

    3 station in Puerto Rico

And at last-please forgive me for possible mistakes in English,because I am a  foreigner.  

We must close down HAARP because in another case it will destroy  all our countries  and the Earth.

Dear Sirs!
We the undersigned ask you to help  us to close down american climatic weapon HAARP!

In this petition is unique information about crimes of HAARP(in all the world) with provies.(readings of magnitometer of HAARP and video-provies)

Please read it and demand to close down HAARP from the USA and UNDP!

Thank you for taking your time to read our letter!
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