Animals are routinely cut open, poisoned, and forced to live in barren steel cages for years, although studies show that because of vast physiological variations between species, human reactions to illnesses and drugs are completely different from those of other animals. Animal experimentation not only is preventing us from learning more relevant information, it continues to harm and kill animals and people every year.
As many as 115 million animals are experimented on and killed in laboratories in the U.S. every year. Much of the experimentation-including pumping chemicals into rats' stomachs, injecting products into rabbits' eyes via syringe, hacking muscle tissue from dogs' thighs, and putting baby monkeys in isolation chambers far from their mothers-is paid for by you, the American taxpayer and consumer.
The industry and its people profit because animals, who cannot defend themselves against abuse, are legally imprisoned and exploited. 
Imagine living locked inside a closet without control over any aspect of your life. You can't choose when and what you eat, how you will spend your time, whether or not you will have a partner and children, and if you do, who that partner will be. You can't even decide when the lights go on and off. Think about spending your entire life like this, even though you have committed no crime. 

This is life in a laboratory for animals. It is deprivation, isolation, and misery. 
On top of the deprivation, there are the experiments. Animals are infected with diseases that they would never normally contract%u2013tiny mice grow tumors as large as their own bodies, kittens are purposely blinded, rats are made to suffer seizures. Experimenters force-feed chemicals to animals, conduct repeated surgeries on them, implant wires in their brains, crush their spines, and much more. Think of what it would be like to endure this and then be dumped back into a cage, usually without any painkillers. Think of what it would be like to endure this and then be dumped back into a cage, usually without any painkillers. Video footage from inside laboratories shows that animals cower in fear every time someone walks by their cages. They don't know if they will be dragged from their prison cells for an injection, blood withdrawal, a painful procedure or surgery, or death. Often animals see other animals killed right in front of them.

While some facilities are better than others at caring for animals%u2013not every lab employee kills mice by cutting off their heads with scissors, a practice documented at the University of North Carolina%u2013there are no happy animals inside laboratories. 
Many dogs and cats used in laboratory experiments come from pound seizures,  dealers (puppy mills and companies that breed animals for research purposes) and trapping of wild animals. Some were once trusting companions who simply got surrendered, lost%u2013or stolen%u2013from their families.  This could be your pet!

We the undersigned urge you to read this letter with an open mind and understanding heart:
Animal use in laboratory experimentation is a highly sensitive issue and the urgency to end the cruelty, pain and suffering  needs to be addressed now.  There are very few products that "require testing by law" such a prescription medications, yet it is legal for companies to test any products on animals, without regard to the pain, torture and deaths that result.  
The procedures include but are not limited to: injecting eyeshadow components and other harsh chemicals into the sensitive eyes of innocent animals; forcing inhalation of fumes from perfume, cleaners, soaps and other chemicals via use of inhalation chambers; pumping of shampoos and other products into the stomachs of dogs, cats, guinea pigs, rabbits, mice and others by tubing; paralysis of animals so they can't fight or run for their life in order to hack living muscle tissue from their bodies for dissection after they have been overdosed over a period of time with various poisons and even dog food such as Iams!!!
Regardless of your opinion on animal testing for medical research, we can all probably agree that animals should not be suffering for the sake of cheap mascara and shampoo, especially when there are cruelty-free options available.
It is much more reliable, ethical and humane to rely on natural ingredients that don't warrant testing to begin with in our products to ensure safety, but should "testing" be necessary;  bodies donated to science, organ donors, volunteer human subjects and skin graphs are just a few reasonable options and alternatives to living, breathing, feeling animals who have no voice.
Please think of your families, children and pets... the living beings that were all put here to live together.  The statistics are frightening and saddening and just plain unnecessary.  Please help pass a nationwide ban on all animal testing.  There is a day in the future that will come where all cages are empty... please help us being that day sooner.
Thank you for taking your time to read this.  Have a blessed day.
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