Please grant Royal protection for Sea Turtles visiting the Kingdom of Tonga.

  • by: Fins 'n' Flukes
  • recipient: His Majesty King George Tupou the Fifth, reigning King of Tonga.

Most species of marine Sea Turtles are either endangered or critically endangered. Despite this fact it is still legal to catch and kill these ancient mariners in Tonga.

This petition asks the King of Tonga, his Royal Highness King George Tupou the Fifth, to grant full protection to all species of marine sea turtle when they visit the oceans and islands in the Kingdom of Tonga.

Most turtles caught are trapped in large mesh, strategically placed nets and often suffer a horrible death by entanglement and eventual drowning. Those unlucky enough to be taken alive from the nets are tortured for days on end by being left upside down, with a price marked on their belly, to bake in the sun until the time of their purchase and subsequent death. During this cruel exploitation they experience unmeasurable pain, anxiety, dehydration and humiliation. Bigger specimens often receive serious wounds while being dragged behind a vehicle upside down on their shell.

The species of Turtle most commonly caught in the Kingdom of Tonga are Green Turtles and Hawksbill Turtles. The Green Turtle is listed as endangered and the Hawksbill Turtle is listed as critically endangered.

It is time for the Kingdom of Tonga to stand up and join the many other South Pacific nations that are already offering complete protection to these beautiful creatures that lie on the brink of extinction.

The disgrace of killing these animals must be banished to the annals of history forever.

Please lend your support by signing this petition, sharing it on social media sites and forwarding it to like minded people who care about turning the tide in ocean conservation.

Thank you for your support.

Your Majesty,

"We the undersigned".

in all of your royal wisdom do hereby implore you, by royal decree, to offer full protection to all species of marine Turtle while they reside within the waters and the islands of the Kingdom of Tonga.

All but one of the several extant species of marine turtle are now listed as endangered, or critically endangered, and are threatened with extinction.

It is well known that turtles have been a traditional source of protein for the people of the Kingdom since their arrival in these islands. However, these creatures now need your pardon and your protection before they are lost from our oceans forever.

These turtles are transient  visitors to the Kingdom of Tonga and we ask that by your royal pardon they may henceforth be treated with the respect that other visitors to the Kingdom are accustomed to.

Please ban the slaughter of these most ancient mariners in the Kingdom of Tonga and allow your fellow countrymen to realise the true value as a testament to the enduring dignity of your sea faring people.

Let not Tonga be a veil of drowning death to these animals after many arduous months of travel across the vastness of the sea. Let tonga be a shelter and a refuge with your protection, it's shallow lagoons and it's sandy nesting beaches. May the Kingdom of Tonga rise up and be a beacon,a bright shining light, for the conservation and preservation of these animals when the eternal darkness of species extinction approaches upon the waves.

Malo aupito, thank your for taking the time to read this humble request and we hope that you not only hear but listen to the riising global voice, a voice of anguish, announcing the imminent threat to our oceans and its many inhabitants whom we are now obliged to protect. Most of all those, like the turtles, who are already in peril from our greed in the past and our continued over exploitation in the present.

Yours most sincerely and regretfully,

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