Save Michael Jackson's Giraffes

I was the caretaker for these beautiful animals after they arrived in Page in 07,08. I felt this was a chance and experience of a lifetime to do this. Two months into this project I started realizing that this was a fanatical pipe dream of Freddie Hancock%u2019s. She and Tommy started creating political strife for themselves by having disregard for the process by jumping the gun, not getting the proper permits etc. and bullying the community, bad mouthing the Navajo people, lying and deceiving public officials.%u201D THEY" clearly showed they did not intend on being honest about any of their intensions. %u201CIT%u201D was all about high dollar profit. A SAFARI RESORT. The cost to enter was projected to be approx.$1500 to come through the gate, something the average citizen could not afford. I was appalled by this. The average citizen could not experience this, especially the Navajo people. Also the disrespectful treatment of their employees was becoming apparent: Non payment of wages to Banjoko and Water world employees, living conditions at Banjoko for employees, no toilet, fresh water, or utilities. Freddie consistently lied to employees about pay and other promises i.e. caretakers quarters etc. Employees were expected to work for nothing. As for Marc Chandler, wonderful human being, he cared about his employees and definitely knew the business of taking care of exotic animals from lifetime experience. The experience I had living with these giraffes and the knowledge I learned from Mr. Chandler is something I will always cherish and remember. He and his family almost literally starved with no money for nearly a year. Until he got the opportunity to escape like myself because she felt she owned us like animals. We could not go work anywhere else or she would try to black-ball us. She made numerous attempts to have Mr. Chandler and me arrested on bogus charges because we chose to leave to earn a real living. I have the utmost respect for Marc Chandler. The immediate care for the giraffes was not in grave question, but the Hancocks put these animals in the position that they are in now by their own greed, ignorance, and arrogance. Marc and I did not approve of the direction the project was heading and the welfare of the giraffes was our main concern. I had a gut feeling after I left and made mention to members of the Page public and local officials that it was possible that a giraffe will die because of the environment they were in. Now two are gone. It disgusts and sickens me to know the animals I cared for are dead. I feel that another death is imminent if something is not done soon. Annie Sue is approaching her mid twenties. This is the maximum life expectancy for a giraffe in captivity. Her days are now numbered. There is no foul play, Freddie Hancock, just a foul smell. I feel that the giraffes were pawns in the ill-conceived pipe dream of Freddie Hancocks. These magnificent animals have paid a horrible price in death. (e.I. Rambo and JJ) Prosecution of the Hancocks is imminent. Sincerely by the other disgruntled employee.

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