Dog is considered Man's best friend but it is proving to be the reverse in this case....  The picture that you see is a specific incident that took place in Meerut, India.. You can follow this link and see the entire horrific incident that took place there.. But it is not only Meerut; it happens all over India.. In Kerala hundreds of dogs were culled before the president arrival. And they were beaten to death... The torture of the dogs is endless... This petition tries to raise the awareness. Your voice and your signature is their survival.. The more you sign and the more you ask people to sign can put an end to this... LET'S BRING A CHANGE... I and my friends have been trying our best to do something but it requires your help...Thanks for signing PLEASE TAKE TIME TO SEND THE LETTER TOO....

D.M. : 

Mr. Alok Ranjan is : 

IG Zone Meerut 

DIG Range Meerut 

Superintendent of Police Meerut 


Respected Sir/Madam 

This is with reference to the Stray Dogs being beaten to death in Meerut, Uttar Pradesh, India. It is shocking and extremely disheartening to see such brutal, inhumane and horrible treatment given to animals in a country like India. India is supposed to be amongst the few countries that has mercy for its animals and have laws against cruelty written in its Constitution. Despite this fact, one has witnessed the most horrible and unimaginable torture to dogs in Meerut. India has a vast and enormous history and a culture which is known all over the world. In a country where great men like Mahatma Gandhi are born who always preached Non-Violence and Peace for all living beings, it is sad to see that the government authorities have done nothing to punish the guilty in this incident. Uttar Pradesh is a state which attracts thousands of tourists from across the globe for its magnificent historic culture including Taj Mahal. 

Tourists from different parts of the world come to India because of its rich history and culture. But such incidents of cruelty and inhumanity can put India in bad light in front of the tourists. The tourism industry of India is thriving and flourishing and plays a vital role in the economy. This specific incident has shocked and shaken my very belief in humanity and makes me feel ashamed to be called a Human Being. It is in our tradition to even worship animals then how come we allowed such kind of cruelty to take place. Animals have an equal right to live on this earth as we do. God has created this world for both of us to co-exist. Animals do not have a voice like you and me to protest or speak out, but that doesn%u2019t mean we dominate them and abuse them in this manner. Such incidents must stop and we must let the animals also live a peaceful and happy life. In this man-animal conflict, animals always tend to suffer because there is no one to think about them. We become so selfish that we forget God didn%u2019t create this world for only us. 

I request the government to take measures to end this cruelty. With technological advancements and development and also help of NGOs like BlueCross society of India and PETA government can have to dogs neutered and spayed as per the latest techniques so that their population is controlled and they don%u2019t become a hindrance to the human beings. Dogs are supposed to be man%u2019s best friend and there are numerous occasions and incidents where Dogs have proved their loyalty and sincerity. But have we human beings ever shown our Loyalty and Commitment?? 

I urge to government to take strict actions against those guilty and punish them to set an example for those people who abuse animals. This punishment should be strict enough so that next time if a person tries to abuse an animal, he/she should think 100 times about the punishment. 

PLEASE act on it and punish the responsible. 
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