KFC ARE TREATING THEiR CHICKENS LIKE DIRT I  ASK YOU TO AT LEAST WATCH THE VIDEO!! To do more for the cause please forward the petition.Thanks it only takes a few secondsTo make a big difference.kFC CANNOT DO THIS ANY LONGER THE THINGS THEY DO TO CHICKENS INCLUDE..scolding alive ,cramped conditions and cutting of the beaks only a while after birth!!Tens and thousands of chickens suffer the excruciating process of being drugged, beaten and slaughtered  simply to get the "Colonel's Secret Recipe". KFC suppliers cram birds into huge waste-filled factories, breed and drug them to grow so large that they can't even walk, breaking their wings and legs, and their beaks are chopped off while still young. At slaughter, the birds throats are slitand they are dropped into tanks of scalding hot water, often while they are still conscious. Many of the chickens never get to experience the sun on their backs because they are killed as young as two months old. KFC has done the bare minimum of changing the way these helpless chickens are slaughtered and killed. These animals are smart and gentle animals that are in desperation of our help!!
Dear KFC We ask you to even make a basic upgrade to your farms and slaughter houses it may not be illegal but it's still inhumane!! these are some of the comments (your comments) it is not much to ask that you treat these animal with respect they deserve to live reasonable lives and if they are to be killed then at least they should die fast and with minimum pain.You have seen how many people are boycotting you because of this and there are more many,many more. You have protesters against you7 even people who don't take much action still wont come to your stores. I understand that you want to save3 some money here and there but to do it with such consequences i feel is unnecessary. Only a few people may have signed this petition but i sad before and i will say it again  there are more people!!b We are not askng you to give them an acr4e of land eah we are just asking you to stop and even just think about what you are DOING!! We wait in anticipation.
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