Stop the Department of Children and Family Services From selling our children for profit

For the sake of all Americans and the children who fall victim:

It should be against the law for the Department of Children and Family Services to have parents drug test with out a warrant and with out just cause. There is no law that says you must submit to a drug test if you are a parent. The fact that parents are willing to comply with drug testing by D.C.F.S. is because they have been defrauded by the government who allows these greedy departments to profit from the misfortune of children caught up in the system that they have created. The system should help children and families but it destroys and tears apart the very people it should help. Many Americans believe that the tax payers money is put to use for such needs as the over all good of the people. Many are actually lead to believe that the Department of Child family Services actually help people. The truth is that they target the young and keep these in the system or adopt them out for cash bonuses to keep the jobs interesting and public oblivious to what they do with our tax dollars. What they do is fabricate abuse and then cause the child to be abused so that we can pay for the job that is not only not needed but is harming our world and Gods innocent children by raking us all through the system. We like to think our tax dollars are used for the good of the people but in truth the bulk of it is going to the Department of Family Services who tear down our society for they’re own personal profit. Please lobby the congress to stop the unnecessary government involvement where no child abuse existed before the government social workers put they’re greedy hands in the lives of so many, who have fallen victim to the corrupt services they provide just so they can keep a family apart and profit off of the lives of American children and the misery it subjects them to.

We Americans have a right to have accountability when it comes to how our tax dollars are being used. That is our hard earned money, and we do not approve of the way they are spending it. We can take better care of the children who are actually abused and allow the ones who are not abused to stay that way. When this happens we are going to see that the child abuse reports are actually children who are abused and that the abusers are made to pay and not innocent families.

We must stop the Department of Children and Family Services from ruining the lives of so many tax paying citizens. We can abolish the one evil by adding one simple law and guidance that requires a warrant before the Department of Children and Family Services can invade the privacy of average ordinary citizens by requesting that they partake in these unnecessary services. Many are unaware of the damage that can result from one false positive and one false complaint of neglect. But the victims are far too many to just ignore and the abuse inflicted upon the children and the parents is something no one can imagine unless you have been a victim. Once you have been subjected to such false accusations of child abuse it is nearly impossible to overcome the imprint it has made on you’re life and the lives of you’re children. Many can not take it, and eventually cave in. Feeling desperate and alone against the system can devastate and injure, sometime fatally all that are affected. The victim is alone and often no one is helping, certainly not the social worker who can be demoted for giving positive reports. This is evident in all County Social Services, and it has been discovered that many who wish to help families have had to leave the field of social work. This leaves only the uncaring and greedy social workers caring for our children. Many have died at the hands of these social workers.

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