We the undersigned vehemently condemn the brutal acts of the Israeli state against the people of Gaza. As we count the 22nd day of Israel%u2019s military campaign in Gaza, one that is supposedly conducted against the Hamas, has taken a high toll on the civilian population of Gaza. More than 1100 killed and over 5000 injured. Many of the dead are women and children.(http://www.elfarra.org/gallery/gaza.htm) It is also a concerning fact that many of the displaced and homeless have nowhere to go to escape the violence in the Gaza Strip. Gaza, the war zone has become a prison enclave.

The International community took more than a week to condemn the Israeli aggression against the Palestinians %u2013 the UN Resolution 1860(2009) which calls for an immediate, durable and fully respected ceasefire with the withdrawal of Israeli troops rang hollow in Israel. However, this is not a surprising fact to anyone familiar with the history of the State of Israel. From 1967 Israel has been the subject of 138 UN resolutions, most of those resolutions call upon Israel to comply with basic principles of international law embodied by the UN Charter. But till date, Israel has flagrantly violated the resolutions on countless occasions.

Meanwhile, the Arab world has so far been unable to agree on a consensus. We, Muslims around the world feel depressed and helpless and deeply humiliated for the failure of your organization to act promptly to bring an end to the humanitarian crisis in Gaza. We know that the West would never take action against Israel, but we believed deep in out hearts that our Arab brothers would not desert us in time of need. The whole world knows that you have the power to bring an end to this, but have not yet tried to do it for the political gains of your governments. But with due respect, we urge you to stand united in this conflict and to show the International community and especially the West, that when a member of your family is attacked you dont just stand silent. Please raise your voice and let them know the consequences of such atrocious actions on their part. We quote your comment at the emergency Arab summit held in Doha on Friday %u2013 the Arab nations reaction to the War in Gaza was in a very big chaos.  Let us remind you that chaos yields nothing, please urge all the Arab leaders including Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Jordon and the rest of you who have disagreements to unite and stand firm in this issue. We welcome the Syrian initiative of severing all ties economic and political with Israel and urge all the Arab leaders to follow the footsteps of Qatar and Mauritania in this.

We call upon you Arab brothers and sisters to defend us, on whom we have faith to protect us. This is a plea on behalf of all the Palestinians and all those Muslims around the world who have become victims of injustice. Together we stand, for unity is the strength. Please save us. Allah (SWT) has blessed you with numerous resources, will you not show your gratitude to the Almighty by helping your brothers and sisters in Palestine. If numbers cannot move your hearts, then look at the innocent child victims of Israeli acts of terror. It is a shame to the Muslim world that while we wasted our time in divisions and disagreements, non-Muslim countries like Venezuela and Bolivia have taken action against Israel. They sent back the Israeli representatives and even offered aid supplies for Palestine. How bold and courageous they have proved themselves. May Allah reward them.

We appeal to your good judgment in this conflict, please do everything you can to stop Israeli slaughter of innocent civilians in Gaza. They have uprooted the livelihood of the Palestinians. It is time to end this war and to start on the recovery efforts. As Arab leaders we feel that it is your obligation to prevent injustice on your people. We have faith in you, please do not let us down.

We thank you for taking the time to hear our views and hope that all of you will soon come to an agreement and stop the Israeli aggression in Gaza Insha-Allah!


The Undersigned

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