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     Amendment as it might appear after ratification.

     Passed by ballot by citizens of the United States of America.
     November 2, 2010

     Section 1.1
     From date of ratification of this amendment, no legislation may be voted on or signed into law that has failed any of the following requirements:
    The legislation is introduced in its entirety as a finished bill and is ready for full review by the full house or senate with no additional language to be added.

     Section 1.2
     The legislation shall be an individual proposal having no additional attachments unrelated to said legislation.

     Section 1.3
     Said legislation will contain no language or proposals affecting the Bill of Rights or changes concerning the absolute restrictions on government as stated in the Constitution of the United States.

     Section 1.4
     After final draft, the legislation will have public access for review for a period of no less than fourteen (14) days. During said time congress and the general public may amend the legislation, both by majority vote. Failure to comply with above requirements will result in immediate repeal by citizens of the United States and the bill will be reintroduced and re-qualify as per Section 1.1 through 1.4.

     Section 2
     Any legislation will be privy to the peoples right of 'Line Item Veto' any part of the bill they find objectionable by majority vote.

     Section 3
     Any previous legislation passed by congress after ratification of this amendment, which may not have met the requirements of Section 1.1 through 1.4 shall immediately be brought before the citizens of the United States and subject to requirements stated in Section 2.

     Section 4
     This amendment shall stand in its entirety and may not be completely repealed, but may be modified by congress, but only after review of said modifications by the citizens of the United States and follow requirements set forth in Section 1.1 through 1.4 and Section 2.

     Section 5.1
     Any legislation proposed to the United States Congress by a representative or senator of a particular state which pertains only to that state and has an impact on any other state or states, shall be under conditions prescribed in Section 2.

     Section 5.2
     By majority vote of legal residents of any state, this amendment may be adopted into its State Constitution.

     Section 6.1
     It will be the privilage of the legal residents of any state the right to review the past performance of their United States Representatives and Senators to determine by merit their salary and to adjust at the peoples disgretion thereof. Salary increases shall no longer be instituted By the United States Congress from ratification date of this amendment.

     Section 6.2
     Retirement benefits shall be determined as per conditions stated in Section 6.1 with exception to contingencies of impeachment.

     Section 7.1
     Through the Freedom of Information Act, all federal officials (Being representatives, senators, cabinet members, president and Supreme Court Justices) shall provide to the general public accurate and up to date records of expenditures involving taxpayer money pertaining to transportation, salaries paid to office personnel, office consumables, entertainment expenses and any miscellaneous taxpayer dollars spent in excess of two hundred ($200.00) dollars per individual item. This report will be posted on their individual media site for the period of one (1) year beginning at date they took office and through the previous day they took office the following year. This report must be available for print at any time by the general public.

     Section 7.2
     Failure to disclose these expenditures will result in an investigation and possible prosecution depending on evidence from said investigation. The investigative panel shall consist of nine (9) federal judges chosen by lot nation wide. A majority conviction will result in punishment pertaining to current laws in place for that offense.
     We the undersigned propose the first draft of The Peoples Amendment to be put before the citizens of the United States for modifications, additions and criticism. Actions taken for and against this proposal demonstrates exactly what The Peoples Amendmend will achieve if ratified. We will get our country back if we stand togeather.
     Thank you and I hope all who voted for my first amendment proposal, votes for this one.
       Wayne L.
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