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This is stated in the letter of the

"Kelli Stowe, I hope you wouldn't let me get this petition fully endorsed before you do this. Because that would tantamount to asking for the bitter side of some. . . . . and you'll get it."

This statement is clearly a threat.

These comments are stated in the

"As a legitimate citizen of Nigeria, it grieves my heart to see alien like Kelli Stowe, rubbish my fellow citizens and my nation as a whole on a global platform, with the deceit of being concerned for children and human right while he and his cohort satisfy their ulterior motives."

This statement
is clearly stating a racial prejudice, referring to something that causes harm to someone's reputation especially with malice or disregard.

"There is no place in Nigeria like Delta State of Akwa Ibom, so I wonder which part of the globe where these amateur journalists found themselves and thought it was Nigeria."

Akwa Ibom is a state in Nigeria. It is located in the south-east of the country, lying between latitudes 4321 and 5331 North, and longitudes 7251 and 8251 East. The State is bordered on the east by Cross River State, on the west by Rivers State and Abia State, and on the South by the Atlantic Ocean.

Nigeria is a nation that is deeply feeding and supplying many nations of the world with natural resources and all we get in return is to either call us names ( such as thieves, crooks, witches etc) or blackmail us on a global platform. This is inhumane! I can now see why the militants in Rivers, Bayelsa, Delta States, etc have decided to pay some of the foreign workers in this region back in their own coin, because we might still have so many other Kelli Stowe in the country."

This statement causes harm to my reputation and it is written with malice and disregard.

"I shed tears anytime I look at events such as the way we are treated in UK and the United States, with little or no freedom at all. But any of these foreigners who cross our borders into Nigeria is freer than even the citizens and are highly rated, even in establishments where we have qualified Doctorate degree holder as Nigerians to occupy a particular post, the likes of Samuel Uwa would prefer to give it to a trade test holder so far as that person has a white skin. This should have been appreciated, but at the end, we still have a Kelli Stowe and his Cohort."

This comment are defamatory, libeling, harmful, threatening and is clearly stating a racial prejudice.

"1.      Nigeria have been waging war with those who have been involved in child trafficking and child labour and it will be their interest to ensure that those who are supposed to work with them to rescue this situation (i.e. the churches) are the ones carrying out such acts to the tone of rendering homeless children in the name of witchcraft possession. This is the more reason why we have NAPTIP and other bodies that check these acts. We have seen the much they have accomplished so far and Kelli Stowe is mere telling the whole world that these bodies are wasting time. I hereby falsify that claim."

I did not imply or state that in the
Stop Liberty Foundation Gospel Ministries of Nigeria from labeling children as witches petition.

"Kelli Stowe, Tracy McVeigh of guardian.co.uk and CRARN are blatant jobless liars."

This statement is clearly defamatory and libelous.

"Kelli Stowe%u2019s claims and petition, it is evident with these facts that he is asking for a re-caging of Nigerian citizens"

This accusation is libelous, full of falsehoods, spite and malice.

Kalu Nwankwo Kalu's comment on Stop Liberty Foundation Gospel Ministries of Nigeria from labeling children as witches petition.

# 376:
Mar 30, 2008, Kalu Nwankwo Kalu, Nigeria
"It is a pity how those who claim to be children of God have allowed satan to use them as its microphone. The best answer to the authors of these petitions and their sponsors is "May they reap the dividend of witchcraft, and special Black-witchcraft attack" with a big "AMEN!". Except if they decide to change. These fools who gallivant the streets of Nigeria proclaiming to be NGO's end up as spies and fraudsters. Who trick our fellow Nigerians into looting our treasury and resources, have now come up with a new pick. They use us, make their illegal gains and give their messengers peanut and label us the names "thieves, robbers, frauds etc", but God will punish all of you who are specialist in these acts. Earnestly, for all they have so done in Nigeria, they have illegally reaped 10.000 folds. When will you stop practicing that which is no more a secret. [And for we Nigerians, when will we wake up from our deep sleep and remember that during the time of our fore fathers, these white dogs presented bible with their left hand while in their right hand they had guns, with which they stole artifacts, precious stones, just to name but a few of our heritage. I suppose that the spell they used on our forefathers should have been broken by now]. If delivering of witchcraft in Nigeria is your problem, then you guys are also witches & wizards. So kindly pack your shattered remains and get back to your God Forsaken country and leave us alone. You may call us undeveloped, but we'll surprise you in no distant time. I learnt the government of Netherlands once released $1 million to aid the study of witchcraft, that would never take place in Nigeria. Any president of Nigeria who tries that would be used as a specimen to the rest. The bible commanded in the old testament that these witches should not live, but with the approach of grace which Jesus brought to humanity, a servant of God like Helen Ukpabio, has applied that by using the wonderful gift which God has placed in her to deliver these witches so as to restore them back to a life of normalcy and also to enable them have a good relationship with their creator, and also to reunite them with their families spiritually (of course in their act they have been warring against their very own spiritually). I have known this woman of God and her ministry for long, and I don't think I should fold my hands and watch witches and wizards talk trash about her which is indirectly a way of hindering many souls who would have gone to her ministry for deliverance which is free of charge. If you lack what to do, you can silently continue in your hypocritical NGO work until the day nemesis will catch up with you and shut your stinking gutters you call mouth. Every Nigerian is entitled to his or her opinion, and its not in our constitution that witches should be thrown away and who ever feels he or she has been ill-treated should follow due process, and no family that has ever been told by the woman of God to have their possessed delivered will say no, because they have nothing to loose by so doing. Of course in the ministry you are castigating, its no more a bonanza thing unless if they are being led by the Spirit of God (which is always on special occasions and very rare). Any body who approaches the woman of God concerning problems pertaining to spiritual issues like that even atimes the physical ones too, are adviced to pass through a series of teaching on deliverance ( which is also totally free) before they are delivered and this they are allowed to choose whether or not they will wish to partake. So your claims are more or less from the PIT OF HELL. Nigeria will not accommodate people like you, neither will other African nations do. We are no more slaves. So GET OUT!!!!!"

This comment are defamatory, libeling, harmful, threatening and
is clearly stating a racial prejudice.

Comment's on
Stop Liberty Foundation Gospel Ministries of Nigeria from labeling children as witches petition.

# 629: 1:56 pm PDT, Apr 24, Anderson Effiom, Nigeria 
"Dear Kelli, Im from calabar Nigeria, who gave you this wisdom? Do you know that Akwa Ibom State or the Nigerian government may not Pay much attention to this petition? Why? Some of them are members of these god forsakened churches. This is where they go to seek spiritual blessing instead of looking up to God. Church is business in Nigeria, but this one is absolute cruelty!"

# 604: 10:55 am PDT, Apr 15, John Stripes, Nigeria
"I ve some video cliips showing some children confessed to branded witches by liberty Gospel Foundation Church in diffrent locations and other chuches and Im contacting some organisation to see how we can collectivelly work to prsecute some of these ungodly churches including some fake pastors and evangelists -johnstripes@yahoo.com"

# 594:
Apr 13, 2008, Utibe Etudo Ikot, Nigeria
"My Cousin is a victim of the so called 'child witch'syndrome. She was tortured and abandoned at the age seven by the parents. She underwent untold physical, emotional and psychological torture in an attempt by the parents to force her to'confess'. My parents took her in and she is a good girl and is gradually overcoming the stigma. Child Witchcraftcy Syndrome is not only evil, I liken it to the obnoxious slave trade of old; it has as its foundation, supertitious and fictitious beliefs propagated by Helen Ukpabio, especially through her movies and sermons."

# 384:Mar 31, 2008, Samson Uwa, Nigeria
"kalu or whatever you call yourself, you say that this woman is going good uh? check out the countless number of kids flooding the streets of calabar and akwa ibom and then tell me if this is God's will and plan for them. Same to you pastor joe ita."

# 386:Mar 31, 2008, Sam Ikpe-Itauma, Nigeria
"My name is Sam Ikpe-Itauma, the President of CRARN. My concerns: While some of you have chosen to praise indiduals and churches, the streets in Akwa Ibom and Cross River States cannot tell how many children are looking for food to eat and a place to sleep. The waters in these states cannot tell how many children have been forced to drown, the forest cannot tell how many children have been buried alive. The prophetic, nay,spiritual churches cannot see how many children have been poisoned to death. The Government Environmental Agency cannot tell how many child corpses it has cleared and buried. The Nigerian Navy, Custom, NAPTIP,Police cannot tell how many children they have rescued or could not rescue. The churches cannot tell how may children they have incacerated, manacled, starved to become malnurished and die in the name of fasting for deliverance. The Head Teachers cannot tell how many children that have been forced to witdraw from schools to face jungle justice at home and in the community. The CRARN Children Shelter cannot tell many children it has unfortunately turned down because of lack space and food for the jampacked so child witches in the children camp. Yet every day you get adverts for a 3-day, or 7-day power packed deliverance or prophetic ministration to turn out more children to face trial by ordeal. Yet these two state are very religious and christlike. And in every 1km you have at least 10 to 15 churches. More are still springing up. May God help us! If you want to get more of these just call 2348026693099, or e-mail itaumason@yahoo.com or visit www.crarn.org or come to the CRARN CHILDREN CAMP, Ikot Afaha-Idung Ukpa, Eket, Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria- Sam Ikpe-Itauma"

# 306:Mar 24, 2008, Caroline Enoabasi, Nigeria
"Welcome to child witches and deceit from 'men of God' and 'women of God'. When I watched the film 'END OF THE WICKED', I was horrified and hope that the government will one day ban it or something negetive will happen. Govt, as usual failed to see to the banning of it- then the negetive happened- children sufferred! Today, the inventor's image is sufferring too, and we are sheepishly saying she is God-sent, 'the lord annointed'. Look let me tell you these fools who are out to carry out image-laundry for the despicable child witch inventor,Helen, you will only end up tarnishing her image the more because the more you try to white-wash her, the more people get angry and say what is the truth about the innocent children that have sufferred as a result of the film she deliberately shot out to mint out money. I see this as a repercursion. And so the Bible say, 'be not deceived God is not mocked, whatsover a man soweth, so shall he reapth.' So Helen Ukpabio my sister,you are reaping what you deliberately sowed. Check it out! Caroline Enoabasi Mfon"

# 328:Mar 27, 2008, David Maidment, United Kingdom
"I am the Children's Rights Advisor to Amnesty International UK, Co-Chair of the Consortium for Street Children and Founder/Chairman of Railway Children, an international NGO supporting street children in India, East Africa, Russia, Central America and the UK. I am well aware of the enormous harm caused to children by accusations of witchcraft and that it is the cause of many children being on the streets of Nigeria, and the Democratic Republic of Congo. These children then suffer more abuse and violence. The Christian Church should be helping these children, not abusing them. The activities of certain churches accusing children of witchcraft is both in violation of the UN Convention of the Rights of the Child and is very damaging to the reputation of the Christian Church."

# 350:Mar 27, 2008, Tokini Peterside, Nigeria
"This petition should be sent to the governor of the state, and to all senators too. I'm not saying they will definitely sort things out, but there'll be a much better chance that way than going to the devils masterminding this outrageous scam alone."

# 262:Mar 13, 2008, Gary Foxcroft, United Kingdom
"I am writing in response to the pastors and members of Liberty Gospel who have posted their comments below. Firstly I would like to stress that Kelli Stowe set up this petition herself, with no input whatsoever from me or anyone at Stepping Stones Nigeria or CRARN. We have never met her before and only just learned of the petition site. Neither her or the Observer's journalists, Tracey McVeigh and Robin Hammond, have ever been, or will ever be, paid to cover the stories outlined. They chose to cover the story purely because they felt that what is happening in Nigeria, in the name of Christianity,is a moral outrage and far from the teachings espoused by Jesus Christ. I have spent a great deal of time in Nigeria working with hundreds of so-called child "witches" and can attest that they are all just pure, innocent children who have been stigmatised for a number of complex reasons. They are certainly not "witches". The number one contributory factor to this huge problem is religious profiteering. There can be no debating the fact that Evangelist Helen Ukpabio has made a great deal of money from preaching the gospel of child witchcraft, mainly through films such as "End of the Wicked" and filling the hearts and minds of poor people with fear. Just look at the white Humvee she drives and the mansion she lives in in Calabar. Is this how Jesus Christ would have lived if he were here on earth today? I think not. I think all Kelli Stowe is asking is that Liberty Gospel Church and many others start to think about the terrible consequences on children's lives that are being brought about by the frequent stigmatisation of of them as "witches". Is this really a Christian practice? If so, then why is it only being practised in a Akwa Ibom and Cross River State? Surely it is a Christian practice to protect and love such children? Please do feel free to contact me with feedback at info@steppingstonesnigeria.org Gary Foxcroft Programme Director Stepping Stones Nigeria"

# 265:Mar 13, 2008, ETIM UDO, Nigeria
"I am not happy about these witch hunts that are victimizing and destroyng the future youths of our country. These children are innocent children and this could be seen as lack of work by men who want to be GOD. It is time to stop brainwashing parents and masses and inciting them to kill, maim or otherwise abuse harmless children. It is time to stop driving the children out of their homes and making orphans of them. This is criminal, unlawful, and unethical. However, we should be having the mind of Christ and not of evil inside with big BIBLES in hand on sundays. HOW MANY OF THESE ORPHANS HAVE YOU FEED THESE WEEK? GOD IS WATCHING US... AND I PRAY MAY HE FORGIVE THESE MEN THAT SPEAK EVIL AGAINST THESE CHILDREN. THESE MEN OF god ARE GETTING RICH INDIRECTLY...IN THE NAME OF ASSIGNMENT..."

# 266:Mar 13, 2008, Anietie A, Nigeria
"Oh yea men ... what shall it profit you to speak and condem children? Think about the pains you are giving the society and the families you have destroyed with FAKE Prophesy. Asking God to forgive us. It is better for you to STOP these acts and help build our society. GARY, I urged you not to consider these MEN. Help us save these children."

# 267:Mar 13, 2008, ANIEKAN ANI, Nigeria
"I am from Nigeria and I can tell you how damaging these 'men of god' have been to our society. The world need to hear about these exploitation and abuse of our children. Very shameless human. SORRY, YOU CAN NO LONGER HIDE...THE DEAL IS NOW OPEN FOR THE WHOLE WORLD TO SEE... SSN...MAY GOD BLESS YOU FOR THESE TRUTH MADE AVAILABLE FOR THE WORLD TO SEE."

# 270:Mar 13, 2008, Viktor Poluektovas, Lithuania
"I have been to Nigeria and have witnessed it myself, how this truly surreal methodology from the Dark Ages of deceiving poor people to believe that their own children "are" the witches operates! "Prophets" like Ms Ukpabio are merely ingenious businessmen exploiting/abusing the poor level of economical, educational and judicial systems of this rich and beautiful country, where corruption and ignorance carry the day. But the only thing i could never come to terms with was how on Earth she and alike dared to build their fortunes on the most sacred what human kind can ever have - their children, by ruining whole families, stigmatising the most innocent, torturing and "delivering" kids from ridiculous accusations that only a lunatic can visualize in real world, e.g. flying on the broom in the night!!! God, how much are they prepared to sacrifice in order to "chop the dollar"? In the countries where the independent judiciary is well-established such acts of cruelty towards the innocent "in the name of God" would see the "prophets" like Ms Ukpabio spending a very lengthy sentencies behind the bars, or just sent to the mental institutions to hide this dirt from the eyes of the honourable public!"

# 279:Mar 17, 2008, Angela Okeke, Nigeria
"I served as a copper (NYSC)in Eket, Akwa Ibom State, Niger Delta, when I saw these so called witch children sleeping in the gutters of Marina Rd opposite Mobil Management Estate,Eket, I really cursed Mobil and the Akwa Ibom Govt for being irresponsible. Today, I curse you Helen Ukpabio and your likes for the suffering and killing of these innocent children. Our future Pastors, governors, Professors, human right activists, like Stowe, Ikpe-Itauma, Nelson Mandela and others"

# 280:Mar 17, 2008, Paull Coker, United Kingdom
"I think it is time Nigerians behave like christians and exercise compassion and empathy towards other human beings and children. It almost beggars belief that some Nigerians are defending the churches and personalities involved in this shameful practice. Having seen the horrific video, i'm reluctant to describe anybody defending the preachers as a human being. I'm Nigerian and well aware that spiritual forces exist but the kids in the video are certainly not witches and from the numbers involved it is clear that some financial consideration is involved. The observer article does state that Pastor Joe Ita works for the Liberty gospel of which Helen Ukpabio is the founder, that church delivers kids from witchcraft which they supposedly have, expects donation and encourages people to give more than they can afford, getting money for a job you only pretended to do is fraud and extortion. And yes people would abandon their children if they errorneously believe that the children are causing them great harm because a preacher they trust told them so,after all survival is the first law of nature.Nigeria is one of the most corrupt nations on earth, far more corrupt than western nations, how could a country be that corrupt if most of its prophets and preachers are genuine. JESUS WAS NOT CASTING DEMONS OUT OF CHILDREN, IN FACT HE SAID THAT CHILDREN SHOULD COME TO HIM but in Nigeria we have a situation where the children are forced to stay with hard pressed charities because of the activities of christian preachers. Jesus rode a donkey not a thoroughbred horse like the rich people of the day,now the evangelists go about in flashy cars.People should stop being pretend christians. It is a shame that the atheist West is far less corrupt than Nigeria.It is also shameful that outsiders like Kelli and Gary are the ones telling us to treat our own BLACK kids better.Now, the atheists are the ones teaching the "christians" about godliness and compassion.SHAME"

# 241:Mar 5, 2008, Dave Emma, Nigeria
"Though Helen Ukpabio is the chief designer of child witches, there are other self-aclaimed men of God who carry out this deceit of delivering children of witches and become popular. I live in Calabar and know much of Helen and her spread of witchcraft, mamaid, and other form of supersticious belief which all have devastating consequences on children and adult alike. Almost all the churches have now borrowed a leaf from the demonic Helen Ukpabio. Stop the abuse ok! Dave NIGERIA"

# 244:Mar 5, 2008, Steve Ansa, Nigeria
"Kelli Stowe, please carry on with your good work. Dont listen to mischievous men who are yet to wake up from their slumber. We are in Nigeria we know the truth about the sufferring of children and how parents have been subjected into fear of witches by these so called evangelists and prophets of God"

# 283:Mar 19, 2008, Babalegba Coker, United Kingdom
"FOR THOSE NIGERIANS HAVING TROUBLE UNDERSTANDING THAT SEEKING DONATIONS FOR PERFORMING EXORCISMS ON CHILDREN IS UNBIBLICAL AND IS EXTORTION: Firstly Jesus himself said that children should be allowed to come to him because the kingdom of God is for those who are like them.They are INNOCENT.Nigerian "preachers" like Helen Ukpabio are turning mothers against their children by filling the mothers with fear when they tell the parents that their children are witches,just to collect donations from the poor parents.Many parents pay but some are so fearful that they kill the children.It is evil and all of you need to repent of this barbaric acts against our little brothers and sisters.Nigerian "christianS" should stop being so callous,put yourself in the place of the innocent children,if you were tortured for days you would also confess to being a witch even though you know that you are not.The kids are not the ones causing problems in your life.People,especially followers of God are meant to have problems in their life for them to overcome.Jesus had serious problems despite being who he is,Peter had serious problems and Paul had serious problems.The problems are there to test you,to get you to experience the grace of God and to know God practically rather than in theory.If you are so fearful of witches you dont really know God then, do you. Jesus said "come unto me all you that are weary and heavy laden and i will give you rest" When people go to Liberty gospel church and they are told that their perfectly innocent children are witches just because the church wanted donation from them, (as you know grateful people always donate generously), they do not realize that their children were never witches in the first place ,their burden is increased in the church.This is evil and incompatible with the word of God.The church is not supposed to be lying to the people nor increase their burden.Open your eyes and repent,God will not be happy with you for supporting the mistreatment of the little kids that he loves so much.Also do remember that God is not a respecter of persons so defending yourself by saying that you condone the mistreatment of children because you love Helen Ukpabio will not help you at all.Also by supporting this evil deeds you are blocking people from entering the kingdom of God because when unbelievers hear of these evil against children,it turns them against christianity because they recognize these things as evil, they then see themselves as being better than christians.If you are christian,do what Christ does,love children and do not support cruelty towards children no matter how much you love your pastor.I own the webpage which Kelli used as her source for this petition.I wrote the webpage because everytime i think about what the preachers are doing to my little innocent brothers and sisters in Nigeria, i always weep.THIS PETITION IS NOT BEING DONE FOR FINANCIAL REASONS.IT WAS DONE TO MAKE YOU THINK TWICE BEFORE ENCOURAGING THE MISTREATMENT OF THOSE THAT THAT GOD LOVES AND ALSO SO THAT THE CULPRITS COULD REPENT.By the way i am from Abeokuta, Nigeria but resides in London and i'm very aware that Nigeria and her preachers are far more corrupt than the western nations.If you have a stony heart,get down on your knees and ask God to give you a heart that feels so that you can understand what the innocent children are goig through.Please repent."

It is clear that Kalu Nwankwo Kalu is not in agreement with the Care2 Terms of Service. Please do what's right and enforce the Care2 Terms of Service. Delete STOP KELLI STOWE FROM TRAMPLING ON THE HUMAN RIGHTS OF AN ENTIRE NATION (NIGERIA), LIBERTY FOUNDATION" petition.

For more information on the children please visit my websites:

Children of Nigeria

Money Is The Route Of All Evil

Thank you,
The Undersigned




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