Pugs May Be Cute, but the Way We've Bred Them Is Making Them Horribly Sick

There's no debate that pugs are sweet, adorable dogs. However, humans have bred them to be severely flat-faced, making them very likely to suffer from intense, painful health issues. In fact, a new study by The Royal Veterinary College determined that because of their health problems, pugs can "no longer be considered as a typical dog." When pugs make those cute snorting noises, they're actually gasping for air. While pugs are popular for their sweet nature and cute faces, these poor pups spend a lifetime of suffering.

Sign the petition to urge the U.S. government to ban the breeding of pugs!

Given the breed has become increasingly popular in the last 20 years, some countries, like Norway and the United Kingdom, are starting to see popular campaigns urging their governments to ban pug breeding – along with similarly disorder-prone breeds such as English bulldogs. If breeders meet the high demand for these designer breeds, they are sacrificing animal welfare for the entertainment and enjoyment of humans. It is the responsibility of governments to know when to say enough is enough in terms of animal suffering, and provide legislative guidelines to protect defenseless pets!

The science is there – pugs are prone to exhaustion, overheating, regurgitation, sleep apnea and collapse. While there are certain surgeries that can help pugs and other smushed-faced breeds to breathe better, The Royal Veterinary College study found that pugs had an increased risk for 23 disorders.

The best thing we can do is care for the poor pugs that are already here, and prevent the breeding of any more dogs that will be born into a life of suffering. Sign the petition to ban pug breeding in the U.S.!

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