Watch This School Resource Officer Bodyslam a 12-year-old TWICE.

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  • recipient: Vance County District Attorney
We don't yet know their names, but we do know the role they played in a jaw-dropping altercation that has left an entire state wondering what the heck happened.

A video, which has now gone viral, shows a school resource officer and a child at Vance County Middle School, in North Carolina, walking down a school hallway. In the beginning, nothing looks out of sorts. The two are walking in the same direction and look as if they are possibly having a peaceful conversation. Then the peace is broken.

The officer picks up the small child and slams him to the ground. He picks him up one more time and slams him again before grabbing him by the scruff and dragging him out of frame. It's a shocking display of violence by an adult towards a child. But the fact that the adult in question is someone who is paid to work with and protect children makes this story all the more troubling.

Demand accountability. Demand that the officer faces criminal charges.

Because neither the officer's or the child's names have been released, there is a lot we don't know. But we do know that the child had to seek medical treatment for his injuries. Now local officials are wondering just how and why this happened. Officials have fired the officer. Yet, for anyone who watched the video, they know there is no excuse that can rationalize such violence against a minor. Firing shouldn't be the end of this terrible story. He should face charges.

Officers don't have the right to bully, beat, or criminalize children. We must send a message and demand accountability.

Sign the petition and demand that Vance County District Attorney charge him for the applicable crimes.
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