1 Month Old Puppies & Mama Euthanized, Mass Slaughter

    Death Trap at San Antonio Animal Care Service. Last year 5,000 puppies and dogs euthanized. Already 200 puppies and dogs euthanized in 2024. Healthy, sweet, innocent adoptable puppies and dogs are only given 4-5 days to be rescued or euthanized, “due to space."
    Euthanizing 14-19 puppies and dogs daily is deplorable! Some of these dogs are people’s lost pets, euthanized before their rightful owners could find them.

    This situation is unfortunately aggravated by the publication of the lists on the eve of the euthanasia of these animals, which complicates the arduous fight of the volunteers against time.

    Furthermore, the lack of adoption campaigns reduces hopes for adoption.

    Therefore, I appeal to your compassion to adopt other measures to this problem.

    I humbly propose advertising campaigns for those sheltered, this will result in more chances of them being rescued and, consequently, reduce the time they spend in the kennel, freeing up space.

    Sterilization and awareness policies also need to be implemented.

    If necessary, the public is prepared to escalate its efforts, including organizing a protests. We demand immediate action, transparency, and tangible improvements in animal welfare. The community's patience is wearing thin, and the council needs to understand the gravity of this situation. These concerns need to be addressed with the urgency they deserve.

    This massacre constitutes a waste of public money in an inefficient, cruel and shameful manner.

    The allocation of a mere $98,531 (page 613 of the 2024 budget) for new kennels from a $28 million budget is infuriating. Dogs are being euthanized daily due to insufficient space, and allocating such a paltry sum to address this issue is unacceptable.

    The acquisition of new computers, office furniture, and a forklift is exasperating when essential aspects of animal welfare are seemingly neglected. Ignoring emails and messages from concerned citizens only intensifies the frustration.

    With the amount of momma's and puppies on the kill list lately, I would like to know what the status is on the 2 new store fronts ACS had planned to open that would provide spay and neuter surgeries to the East and West side of San Antonio. The 2024 budget allotted $1,548,600 for 2024 and $530,400 for 2025 (see page 156 of the 2024 budget) to get these facilities up and going, so what is the status on that. Not to mention they were allowed another $400,000 (see page 613 of the 2024 budget) for medical equipment and kennels for these facilities. They have not met their goal for the amount of s spay and neuter surgeries done in the last three years that I know of and doesn't look like they will this year either.
    How many of the 44,000 surgeries they budgeted for have they actually done so far?

    The senseless killings is a regrettable error and incompatible with the progress and evolution of civilization.
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