SRI LANKA: At least HUMANE SLAUGHTERING of animals instead of brutal killing please!

Animals too feel fear, pain and smell death! Bulls with wounds on their necks, underfed, thirsty, staggering under a load, work till they are destined to be killed brutally. Pigs are knifed before killing "to make their meat tastier!", etc. Poultry should be protected from cruelty too. Feet bound together, they are hung in the sun for hours!  PLEASE HELP.

It is heartbreaking to kill an animal but as long as the world goes around meat will be consumed. The finished product that comes on the table does not show the tragic story behind. It would be wonderful to lessen the painful cries and tears of the animals.  At least minimise their agony when they are breathing their last............

HUMANE SLAUGHTERING methods be introduced such as MERCY KILLING, a method for a rapid death with minimal pain, distress and suffering.This is Practised in developed countries like USA, Canada, Germany, UK and most of the European CountriesPlease introduce any humane method suitable for Sri Lanka.

We request that PREVENTION OF CRUELTY TO ANIMALS ACT OF 1907 be amended.

WITH HOPE..........

His Excellency the President Maithripala Sirisena,

Dear Sir,

This International Petition was started by me which is self-explanatory.

Please be kind enough to help.

Thank You.

Yours faithfully,

Sharnel-Manel Burchard

Update #55 years ago
hallo to all the kindhearted lovely people who took time to read and sign my petition.
how wonderful it is to experience your love for humanity, also to animals.

i am about to end the petition, and hope to have good results.

good bye,

Update #45 years ago

The above link should open a film clip, sad but true. Background song says "do not kill the
foster mother who gives you milk".

At least humane slaughtering methods should be enforced. Animals should not suffer so
much when they are forcibly killed for human consumption.

Please forward to a few friends and help. we need 37 more supporters.
grateful thanks to YOU for signing.

Sharnel-Manel Burch
Update #35 years ago
"CHAPEAU" to all the international animal lovers who took time to sign my appeal.
the world is rich with personalities like you.
If possible please forward this appeal to a few kindhearted friends like you, to help again.

Each and every signature is greatly appreciated as it will help the animals who cannot
defend themselves.

Thanks again,
sharnel-manel burch
Update #25 years ago
There is hope of a better world!
Victimless, cultured In-vitro meat is being experimented in European laborataries since many years.
If manufacturing meat products through "tissue engineering" can, someday supply the global demand for meat, animals need not be slaughtered anymore.
Till then suffering should be minimised.

Each and every signature is greatly appreciated.

Update #15 years ago

many, many thanks for signing my petition. i appreciate it very much.
with your help we have 897 signatures within 8 days! please help me to
reach the goal of 1,000 by sharing it.

with hope,
sharnel-manel burch
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