Take Snapping Turtles off Ontario's Huntable (Game Reptile) List

Despite over 11000 signatures to remove snapping turtles from the game species list, and the support of the Ontario Multi-Species Turtles At Risk Recovery Team, Toronto Zoo, Canadian Reptile and Amphibian Conservation Network, Ontario Nature, David Suzuki Foundation and many other organizations and species experts, the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources has failed to provide any real effort to move forward and remove the snapping turtle as a hunted species. Snapping turtles are currently listed federally and provincially as an "at risk" species because their numbers are declining across Ontario. Snapping turtles often face direct persecution because people see these turtles as threatening because they may snap when they are on land to defend themselves because they are unable to tuck themselves in their shells like other turtles can. There are many false accusations made about these turtles including that they will attack swimmers which is completely false because when they are in the water they feel very calm and will just swim away. Ontario Turtle Save is currently raising awareness and debunking false myths about snapping turtles. Please sign the petition to help protect Ontario's majestic snapping turtle.

I'm writing to ask you to end hunting of snapping turtles in Ontario.

The government currently allows anyone with a valid hunting or fishing licence to hunt and kill snapping turtles in Ontario, even though snappers are listed under Canada’s Species at Risk Act and provincially at a speies of special concern.

I support the thousands of Ontarians and Canadians who are calling on the Ontario government to place an immediate ban on hunting of snapping turtles.

With the government's help, we can give snapping turtles a fighting chance to survive in Ontario.

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