Stop dog chaining in Durban communities

Imagine spending day after endless day at the end of a short chain – unable to explore, sniff, run around or play. With no water to drink when you’re thirsty and nowhere to shelter from the rain or the burning sun.

And when you struggle to get free, the collar bites deep into your flesh, rubbing it raw until eventually there’s a festering wound alive with maggots. Or the chain gets tangled and slowly strangles you to death.

Sadly, chaining the dog up in the backyard is an accepted practice in parts of Durban.

And it’s not just cruel – it’s illegal.

Help us ensure laws agains illegal dog chaining are enforced by signing our petition now!

Thank you!

Update #14 years ago
Thank you for caring about dogs who live their whole lives at the end of a short chain.

Your action will make a difference when we go to court in early December to prosecute the owner of a tethered puppy which drowned after falling into a drain full of soapy water. Her heartless owner ignored her desperate cries. Read the full story at

Our Inspector Nish Ramsamy will deliver the petition to the magistrate and push for a harsh sentence.
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