Dogs abuse case in Sarajevo

  • by: Jelena Paunovic
  • target: Office of cantonal attorney of Sarajevo canton

To whom it may concern,

We have a story to share with you that requires your immediate action, so please read these next lines and help us stop this awful events!

Senija Knezevic Saric aka Senka is an apparently mentally ill woman from Sarajevo, who picked stray dogs from the street and took them to her own house, where they continued to live starving and thirsty.
Some of them were even taken to Sarics cottage outside the town to be cruelly slaughtered. It is still not proven, who did the killing, althought Mrs. Senija confessed
to an animal activist Jelena Paunovic that she did it herself , who then released this to public and started fight against this obvious case of animal cruelty! Poor dogs lived in unhygenic surroundings with only one connection to the outside world, a small brick hole trough which activists fed them, so they don`t starve to death. House in which these action took place is at the adress Pruscakova 3, which is in the center of the city!

Jelena has asked all relevant institutions in Sarajevo for help, including Veterinary office, police, etc...but was always refused becuase apparently no one has the authority!
The case of Mrs. Saric was known to the authorities for years, yet no one came up with the idea to do something, the case was purely and simply swept under the table. Still, activists did not pull back and continued to fight and finally, after long time of torture, they themselves broke in and saved the dogs. Now, one of those has a fee of 100 euros to pay, because he broke into private property! For that, obviously police has the authority!

Still, Senka has been arrested for resisting police in their duty last night. Unofficially information is that she should be freed soon because no one actually charged her for torture of these animals, althought in Bosnia and Herzegovina there is a law prohibiting such activities.

Organizations for animal welfare along with activists all across the world are disturbed by this turn of events and many are rightfully angry!

We ask for a lawsuit against Senija Knezevic Saric based on all the evidence, she broke the law for animal welfare and protection of Bosnia & Herzegovina.

We ask prosecution of Senka based on law of protection and welfare of animals

We ask for prosecution of Senija Knezevic Saric based on Bosnian law for protection and welfare of animals. We ask of you to raise a lawsuit against Senija Knezevic Saric because based on all the evidence she broke the law for animal welfare and protection of Bosnia & Herzegovina.

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