Educate Voters for Leaders Worldwide on Climate Change Policies

  • by: Aidan D
  • target: Governments across the world

Climate change is a major issue that faces our world. Scientists and researchers have proven that all things related to climate change have caused sea levels to rise, CO2 levels to rise rapidly, coral reefs to die, and many more substantial consequences. Even the famed theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking reports that we have 100 years left on this planet before we have to move somewhere else, and the first thing he listed was climate change.

Scientists have told us about all of these things that are happening, but what can we really do? As citizens, we truly can't do much to affect the world on a grand scale, especially in the face of huge corporations and businesses, as we don't have any sort of power over them.

For example, take me. I’m just a student starting a petition, what can I do alone? I can do small things, such as not waste food, turn off the lights, and turn off the AC, but nothing big. And others who may be reading this, you might be able to do what I do, but we can’t do much.

Now, what about the government? They have the power we lack. The leaders in power can convince others to change and spread important messages, however, they can spread harmful messages. Take President Trump, for example. During his presidential campaign, he made very little mention of climate change, and he plans on increasing fossil fuel use.

Yet how many other candidates mention climate change? Not many. And yet we still elect whoever will do whatever for their country, with almost no idea about what people will really do for the world as a whole. Just ideas, and little transparency.

But together, we can work to convince the governments across the world to include speaking about climate change during debates. We’ll have a bit more awareness in what the candidates truly believe in terms of climate change, and make a more educated vote. I may not be able to vote yet, but I hope by the time I get the chance to, I’ll be able to choose who’s going to help us out or ruin our future for the sake of the present.

I hope that even if we start local, we can expand this petition’s reach to across the world. We can convince every world leader to discuss what they believe in when it comes to climate change. We can make a question on climate change mandatory for all candidates applying for a government role, and give people a more educated vote.

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