Stop the Dog and Cat slaughter in China

It is estimated that around 15 million cats and dogs are brutally slaughtered each year in China alone to supply the main markets in Europe and Russia.

To kill a dog, the butcher ties a metal wire around its neck, then stabs the dog in the groin area. The butcher then skins the dog, often while the dog still lives.

Often these dogs are so tamed and used to humans, that they wag their tails to these people while they tie them to a post, fence or stick on the ground, before starting to torture the animal.

If the dogs bleed or choke to death, with the metal wire, they are "lucky" not to be been skinned alive.

The dogs cries and screams are heard by other dogs awaiting the same horrific fate. Sometimes they are tied by a rope in the middle of the street and with a small knife, the people start to cut and pull off their skin starting from the back legs.

The short-haired cats and the German shepherd dogs are the most valuable to the breeders.

Cats have a terrible death too. Butchers hang cats to kill them. Sometimes, they hang the cats, then pour water into their open mouths until the cats drown. Many cats are stolen from homes and just as the dogs, often wear collars with tags on them... others are breed in extremely poor conditions.

When they transport the cats and dogs, the poor animals are all crowded into small wooden boxes, or metallic cages, without food, nor water and thrown one on top of each other. Upon arrival to their final destination, they are thrown from the top of buses or vans to the ground, breaking the cats and dogs legs and tails and causing them severe injuries and wounds.

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