End Climate Change Fueled Wildfires!


We are done with out of control wildfires, endlessly increasing heat, and extreme weather resulting from climate change.

Therefore, we demand that our leaders at the local, state, national, and international levels take decisive, collective, and immediate action to end and begin the process of reversing climate change, now.

We understand that this will require major changes to how we live. We are willing to make these changes, and assist each other through this time of transition. It's worth it to stop climate change and begin the process of healing our world.

These actions include:

* Switching to green, renewable energy worldwide and ending fossil fuel production.

* Changing to public transportation reliance and ending reliance on single user vehicles.

* Ending CO2 emissions from factories and power plants.

* Switching from a waste based to reusables / no trash economy to minimize landfills and methane emissions. This includes ending the use of fast turnover oil and plastics reliant products (such as clothing).

* Ending reliance on large scale agriculture and grazing operations that produce high levels of methane emissions, result in or benefit from deforestation, and produce high levels of nitrous oxide from fertilizers.

* Reduce gases used for refrigeration and other industrial processes.

* Protect and *increase* wilderness and biodiversity worldwide on a large scale, reforest, and create alternatives for generating resources to mining, timber production, and other destructive resource extraction activities.

* End activities that are destructive to the oceans and biodiversity, such as massive sand mining, and allowing harmful chemicals and waste to enter the oceans.

* Protect water resources from dams, underground water extraction, and wetland destruction -- restore water based habitat.

* Provide comprehensive worldwide family planning resources, support, and education, and end our reliance on continuous human population increases and never ending corporate / product growth.

* Change constitutions, laws, and other guides for governance to make environmental sustainability, not economic transaction, the top guiding priority for all actions worldwide.

* Ensure that changes we make follow principles of environmental justice and strongly represent minorities, immigrants, and those with low and moderate resources.

We believe that not enough action has been taken to address climate change. We believe that if our leaders commit to large scale immediate action, we can turn our planet around and halt the ever increasing heat.

We demand that you enact a plan to make these changes now.

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