Canada - It's Time to Ban the Shark Fin Trade!

  • by: FinFree
  • target: The Prime Minister of Canada and Members of Parliament

SHARKS - the apex predators of the oceans - have survived 400 million years of evolution, yet many species may face extinction within our lifetime.  Up to 100 million sharks are being killed every year.  Most often their bodies are discarded and only their fins are kept to be used in Shark Fin soup, a delicacy in some seafood restaurants*.  Overhunting of the world's largest fish has caused severe declines among many shark species, including the iconic Great White. Currently a third of shark species are threatened with extinction, and some populations have plummeted by over 90%.

Even parts of the government in China have decided to ban Shark Fin Soup at official state banquets. In the U.S., several states to date (including California, Oregon, Hawaii and New York), have introduced state-wide bans on shark fins, with more states in the process of introducing bans.

Several British Columbia cities have opted to ban shark fins. Vancouver and two of its suburbs have considered banning shark fins.  However, imports of shark fins have not yet been banned nationwide. FinFree is working to do just that.

Sharks are essential to the health of our oceans. As apex predators, sharks maintain a critical balance in the ocean. When sharks are eliminated, disastrous effects have been documented further down the food chain, including the collapse of commercial fisheries and the degradation of coral reefs. If sharks were to become extinct, this would have massive unintended consequences for our ocean ecosystems worldwide.

Time is running out for the world's shark populations. By signing and sharing the petition, you will be asking our leaders to take a big step in preserving the world's vital oceans by banning the sale and distribution of shark fins and shark fin products nationwide. 

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