Yemen has been fighting a civil war between the Houthis and the Yemeni Government for over four years now. The involvement of the Saudi/UAE Led Coalition who have been supporting the Yemeni Government also escalated the war to a very alarming degree. The United States has been supplying weapons to the Coalition too.
    Whereas my intention as the writer of this petition is not to apportion blame, I must state that this war has caused an alarming humanitarian situation in Yemen. About twenty million Yemenis are starving and need food, most of them are women and children, injured men and also civilians who ordinarily are indifferent and do not take sides in the war but unfortunately were trapped by the war. The blockade of certain cities in Yemen also worsened this humanitarian situation. The Yemeni war has recorded an alarming number of deaths of civilians including women and children. The war should not have been in the first place. If only the warring parties in Yemen had embraced political solutions to their differences, there would not have been any need for this blood bathe.

    Today the two sides to the war are meeting in Stockholm, Sweden to negotiate a possible truce that will end the war. The United Nations, the United States, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirate and the entire world must impress it on the minds of the negotiating parties involved that they must find a way to end this war in Yemen. Yemen must return to peace so that the humanitarian situation in that country would be taken care of. The world has seen enough of this war in Yemen, now is the time to heal, to rebuild, to reform, and to unify. I am not from Yemen but I feel the pains of the Yemeni woman who has lost two of her children to the war and the third and only remaining child is about to starve to death. I am not from Yemen but I feel the pain of the Yemeni father whose entire family died in the war and I feel the pain of the starving Yemeni child who actually has not contributed to this war in any way. The brotherhood of man transcends the sovereignty of nations.

    Let the negotiating parties swallow their pride and chart a better future for their country, their homeland. Nothing would be more pleasing to God and man than that.I stand for political solution leading to peace in Yemen.#StopthewarinYemen
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