Save Wolves - Stop Eating Beef

  • by: Lawrence G
  • recipient: Congress and Department of Agriculture

Ranchers have demonized and slaughtered wolves and are a primary source and reason for the war against wolves. So we need to hit them where it counts. Boycott beef. Stop or reduce eating of beef. War is being declared on many species
vital to a healthy, thriving ecosystem such as wolves. Wolves, bears, and other animals are targeted largely because they allegedly interfere with ranchers unrestricted control and use of public land. Their cattle runs roughshod over the land. The cattle harm the environment and unrestrained grazing on public land decimates it. Beef is unhealthy, leading to heart attacks,strokes and other ailments. It takes large amounts of resources and energy to raise cattle - much more than is returned as a food source.

The small numbers of livestock taken by wolves are largely due to decimation of their environment. Often this is just an excuse to shoot, trap or poison them. The Department of Agriculture Wildlife services is using cyanide land mines on public land which has cruelly murdered countless animals including dogs and other family pets and injured at least one child. Lead ammunition and fishing weights kill scavengers like bald eagles. Lead also enters water and the food chain eventually even to humans.

On March 21, 2017 congress voted 51 to 47 to repeal protections on National Wildlife Refuges to allow the killing of denning wolves and pups, hibernating bears and other predators on national refuge land in Alaska, and also deleted federal protections in the country. Minnesota, Montana, Wisconsin and Wyoming have decided decided to eradicate wolves. President Trump signed an executive order on March 28th declaring war on the environment

Wolves do not wipe out elk and other species. They take the weak and injured and strengthen the herd. They do not slaughter the healthiest specimens. Hunters however do just that - killing trophy animals - by doing so, weaken the gene pool. As was demonstrated in Yellowstone, the reintroduction of wolves brought the ecosystem there back from the brink of human caused collapse. Ranchers allow their cattle to strip the land and corporate large scale farmers destroy the biodiversity needed for a healthy ecosystem while poisoning bees and other beneficial species with insecticides.

Once upon a time Native Americans realized they were part of nature and respected the environment and all animals. Then we white men came, thought we were separate from and decided to conquer nature and ruined everything. I ask you who were and are the more civilized?

Romania banned all trophy hunting of brown bears, wolves, lynx, and wild cats on Tuesday March 21, 2017. Romania proves to be more civilized than the United States whose congress voted to allow unlimited and indiscriminate killing of these animals including, slaughtering cubs asleep in their dens, poisoning, trophy hunting and hunting and killing by plane.

Update #12 years ago
Wow! 2594 of you signed. Together we can make a difference. The U.S. Department of Agriculture Wildlife Services has stopped using cyanide land mines in Idaho. Congress has passed laws allowing killing of wolves and bears and Trump signed them. The Endangered Species Act is under attack, so keep fighting, speaking out, signing petitions, and those of you living in the U.S., vote them out.
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