As a proud father of twin beautiful girls… I have raised and always educated my children to be very health-conscious and aware of the evils and the health detriments of consuming genetically modified organisms in our foods (otherwise known as GMO’s) … As a father and health advocate I am horrified! That President Trump has overturned the mandates for labeling foods that contain genetically modified organisms or GMO‘s.
    There are literally millions of reasons to why we should all stand against consuming GMO‘s… I will abstain from listing endless points of why we should not be consuming GMO foods… However; I will limit it to three major points of why we should demand the president IMMEDIATELY overturn his recent mandate in his de-legislation of the necessary labeling of all GMO foods so as consumers and as concerned parents we can make intelligently informed decisions on how we buy and consume foods in the marketplace in an informed manner.
    #1) In a verifiable Russian study it was shown scientifically that animals that consume GMO foods exhibited complete sterility!!!! YES STERILITY! within 3 generations!!! of consuming these evil foods! Truly in light of evidential scientific experiments of GMO’s creating sterility in animals.. we as humans are literally a science experiment waiting to see what will happen in subsequent generations to come! THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE!
    #2) With the onslaught of government backed companies like Monsanto/Bayer (which they have been highly documented to be actively covering the world with GMO foods and Roundup toxic cancer-causing pesticides…) We are becoming an unknowing experiment in lowering our immune response and as a human race becoming more susceptible to disease and illnessEs... to what extent no one knows for sure… However; one of the key problems with GMO is that it becomes pesticide dependent and some of these pesticides were Nazi created … Such as CHLORPYRIFOS. YES YOU HEARD THAT CORRECTLY! These pesticides are sprayed on GMO crops because the crops are gmo-manipulated to fight off pests... However; overtime the pests outsmart the GMO crops and subsequently new predators are created that we’re not naturally in the environment before the GMO and pesticides were first introduced. Thereby, creating crops that are more pesticide dependent and with the end result of increasing the toxicity level for all humans and our children!
    #3) Bee Apocalypse is a momentous problem for human kind. As GMO grains were created to “self-pollinate” they do not need mother nature or bees for pollination. When bees are trying to pollinate a GMO plant or flower, they are poisoned and immediately die!!! In fact, the collapse of bee colonies is well documented since the introduction of GMO grains by Monsanto.To counter accusations that they have deliberately created the mass bee genocide worldwide, Monsanto bought Beeologics, the largest research organization on bees that was dedicated to the study of the phenomenon of collapsing of the bee colonies, and that openly accused Monsanto as the first culprit. Once they have sold their conscience, their speech completely changes.
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