ANIMAL CRUELTY LAWS IN CANADA-6 Dogs are Dead From Being Locked in a Hot SUV - Demand Change!

Six beautiful dogs were left in a hot SUV by a dog walker (Emma Paulsen) in Langley, BC. She lied to the media, and the public by telling them that someone stole the dogs as she used the bathroom.


Please tell Prime Minister Harper and other Canadian officials to make animal cruelty a severe indictable offense under the criminal code. In the USA, it is a felony in all 50 states.

So where is our nation?

In the dark ages that's where!

Get with it Canada!

This also applies to the dairy cows abused at a dairy farm in BC. I would like to point out that many animal farms are very respectful of their animals, so please realize that the employees have been fired and charges have been recommended to the Crown.

Emma Paulsen was paid by the owners of these dogs to do her job and look after their safety. It is due to her callous negligence that resulted in the deaths of these family pets, and she should be treated like the criminal she is for her cruelty.

Update May 26-2014 

The BC SPCA is recommending six separate criminal charges against Emma Paulsen to Crown counsel.

  • I would like to clarify something for some of you that may not know or are not from Canada that the police in British Columbia cannot lay charges it is up to the Crown to do so. Unless a police officer witnesses a crime they must investigate the alleged crime and send their report to Crown. 
  • I completely disagree with this method, but it is the way it goes in this particular province. The BC SPCA can also lay criminal charges and I would expect that if they do not do so the outrage will be swift and severe.


Apparently this is not the first time Ms. Paulsen has left dogs in her SUV for long periods of time. There is a facebook page on her and someone posted the following.

"Patrice Leah Dunn Apparently her 'mistake' happened several times, according to the farm where she boards her horse. Several witnesses said she frequently left the dogs locked up in the back of the truck while she was either riding her horse and/or mucking out a stall. My question is..........WTF was she doing at the farm while she was being paid to do her job as a dogwalker. No sympathy for this woman at all. She was being paid to do a job and basically stealing from these people. These poor pets were abused by her and not just once and accidentally! And being off of panic anxiety meds doesn't excuse what she did. If she really did feel bad, why did she allow the lie to continue for a whole week and why did she drive all the way from Richmond to Abbotsford to dump their dead bodies in a ditch like yesterdays garbage? 'Panicked' my ass!!! That is what a cunning sociapath would do!"

Emma Paulsen's mother has said to the media that her "..daughter has lost her friends and her liveihood and her good reputation."

Give me a break! She also lost her own dog in this preventable crime. No mention of her own pet being one of the six dying a slow and horrific death even from her own mother.

Sounds me like sociopaths run in her family. No pity for Ms. Paulsen only for her pet.

I know that if I ever see a dog or God forbid a child in a car and it seems to be to be in distress I will not hesitate to smash the windows in order to save its life. If I'm able to call the police or SPCA then I will do so, but if that is not an option that will be done to save their lives. The owner of that vehicle will have a smashed window for their ignorance.

She should be held completely and utterly responsible for their deaths including any and all court costs that come from any criminal or civil matters.

A big thank you to all of you that have signed our petition. You are the type of people that the politicians need to hear from. If you would so kind as to write, Tweet or e-mail your MLA and MP I would be so grateful.

I will do all I can to make sure that Ottawa and the BC Government abolish the current laws now for the innocent, voiceless and precious creatures that make our lives complete. We owe them that much.

An convicted of animal cruelty should be automatically banned for life from owning or possessing any animal.

This is what I believe to be a fair recommendation to the federal and provincial governments. Though I wish Canada would bring back the death penalty for heinous crimes against children and animals.

  • Automatic 10 years in prison with fines set at a minimum of $10,000 per animal, and up to what a judge deems to be appropriate depending on all costs incurred to save the animals life. In addition, higher fines if the animal died as a result of the harm inflicted.
  • Lifetime ban of ownership or possession of weapons of any kind.
  • Canada should have an animal abuser registry that the public can view in order to make sure that anyone convicted of animal cruelty is not violating their sentence.
  • Behavioural and psychology experts have long stated that people who intentionally harm animals are more likely to move onto children. Therefore, ignoring or giving them a slap on the wrist is not doing anyone any justice or protection from the inevitable. 

Pets should not be seen or deemed as property as they currently are under the existing laws. They are family members and to many people the only thing that brings them any joy in this messed up world.

We have a federal election coming in less than 18 months and I do not believe there is one Canadian out there that wouldn't want to see our archaic animal cruelty laws become the strongest and most severe in the world. Canada must set an example to the rest of the world that we take animal welfare extremely seriously in this country. Anything less is a stain on all of us.

Prime Minister Harper and his wife are avid cat lovers, and not once since he took office has he done anything to increase the severity of the sentences or made animal cruelty a severe indictable offense under the criminal code. Where is he on this extremely emotional and highly monstrous act with his supposed "Tough on Crime" agenda?

Evil acts like those that occurred in Langley are happening every single day. What the experts in behavioural psychology have been saying for years is that these sociopaths will eventually turn to our children and adults -- take Luca Magnotta, Paul Bernardo, Clifford Olson as prime examples of what will happen if things do not change.

The police have a duty to serve and protect and they cannot do their jobs effectively if the laws are as lack as they are in Canada right now. 

We are the voices of animals who cannot speak. They are innocent voiceless creatures and this must end now. To me, our outdated and unjust laws show me that pets are not worth the police or courts time.

Where is our criminal justice system on something so deeply profound to the majority of Canadians that not one of us would lay our lives down to protect our precious pets if someone were to try and harm them.

RIP~How saddened I am that you were left to suffer such a horrific death at the hands of someone you trusted to keep you safe and well. 

To the owners, no words can express to you how utterly outraged we all are at the loss of your beloved pets. They are family members and should be treated as such under the law. They are not property. They are compassionate, lovely and caring beings that gives us unconditional love and support and ask for nothing in return. They have earned our respect and deserve to be protected like children under the law.

No pity for Emma Paulsen. She has the audacity to try and use her mental health disorder as the reason for her callous decision. She definitely suffers from a disorder alright it is called being a sociopath. SHAME ON YOU EMMA PAULSEN.

May karma find those that harm innocent animals and show no mercy.



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