Encourage Regulation of Disgusting Australian Puppy Farms or Puppy Mills

  • by: SUE LEE
  • target: The Australian and Singapore Governments

STOP THE AUSTRALIAN PUPPY FARMS OR PUPPY MILLS!!!  These babies are living in disgusting squalor conditions and confinement.  Most of the puppies are as young as eight weeks, many taken from their mothers way too soon so they can be displayed for sale in a tiny, filthy, glass box with a price tag!! 

These puppy farms in Australia are like “factories” that just pump out puppy after puppy, then take them at a very young age from their mother, and shipped in crates for hours or sometimes days to their destination to be sold; many shipped to Singapore.  These pups are advertised with high prices as $4000 to $8000 and said to be top bloodlines in Australia!  Singapore is also running such “factories” with pups sitting in atrocious conditions as well, just looking and begging to be loved!!!!!!!!!!!

These poor babies are living in wire cages stacked on top of each other, dogs in lower cages being defecated and urinating on, disgusting food and water supply, all conditions filthy and noise levels are deafening.  The puppy trade in Australia is dismally under-regulated since they supposedly did provide the animals food, water and shelter; however disgusting it is, they supposedly meet regulations.  There is something wrong with this picture!!!  People are seeing these sweet pups being sold on the internet, making a purchase and supporting these cruel abusers without realizing the conditions the puppies live in.

Researcher of this incident states that “The industry relies on the cute appearance of puppies to make a sale and they don't want the public to see the reality of how they are bred. The entire trade is based on consumer fraud, cruelty and lies, from the Australian puppy factories, the broker, the pet shops, and the online trading sites, the transport companies who send puppies in bulk weekly around Australia or to overseas pet shops.”

These Australian and Singapore puppy farms/puppy mills need to stop.  Regulations need to be changed for stricter rules and enforcement.  Inspections should be conducted of these abusive puppy farms to put an end to such neglect, cruelty and unfair treatment of sweet puppies just for personal monetary gain. 

You can check out the whole disgusting story at - http://www.news.com.au/national-news/australian-puppy-farmers-making-thousands-selling-puppies-to-squalid-pet-shops-in-singapore/story-fncynjr2-1226719828869#ixzz2fF7sOcar

The Australian and Singapore Governments – There needs to be stricter regulations regarding these disgusting and abusive establishments.  These are living, breathing creatures that cannot defend themselves for the cruelty and neglect they endure.  Please put these puppy farms or puppy mills out of business and consider the lives of the animals they are abusing.  Leaving them food and water that is filled with feces and urine is not meeting the proper regulations.  Change these regulations and stop the abuse now, please.

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