In Support of a Full Pardon for Aaron Seidel

This petition is the acknowledgement of support for a full pardon for Aaron David Seidel. In August of 2004 Aaron, at 18 years old, was convicted of one count of attempted murder, for the shooting of his then step-father. Aaron was sentenced to five years in prison, and was released in 2009. The five year sentence was a reflection of the mitigating circumstances which lead to the shooting. A documented history of child abuse, domestic violence, restraining orders, battered women's shelter visits, and Cuyahoga County Children Family Services involvement with the family for over 10 years. Since the commission of Aaron's crime, Aaron has committed to a life of self-actualization through the service of others. While in prison, Aaron passed his GED exam, and attended college at Marion Technical Center in business management where he received awards for his academic success. Since returning home, Aaron has attended the Indiana University of Pennsylvania for the past 5 years, and is finishing his bachelors degree in both environmental geoscience, and applied mathematics. During Aaron's time in college, Aaron has received dozens of awards and recognitions for his out standing academic success, some of which are at the national level. Aaron has demonstrated his commitment to a life of service by founding and directing a non-profit company "Books 4 Hope" which collected and shipped over 100 thousand school books to children in Nigeria. Aaron regularly volunteers at the local animal. Aaron is finishing his degree at the bachelors level, and is a desired PhD candidate for his field of interest. Aaron is pursuing a career in agricultural/irrigation engineering. Aaron plans to use his education to work around the world in countries who suffer from physical water scarcity. Aaron wants to design and build irrigation systems which will use less water and require less pumping power, in order to grow more crops and feed a greater number of people. However, despite Aaron's success, his criminal record (now over 14 years old), is preventing him from moving forward with his plans. A criminal record prevents Aaron from traveling to work internationally, as well as prevents him from obtaining a professional engineering license. Aaron is unable to accept offers from PhD programs who are unable to fund his doctorate study due to state laws which require Aaron to pass a federal background check in order to be employed by the university as a graduate student. Aaron has overcome many obstacles his criminal record has posed thus far. During the early part of Aaron's education, Aaron was sleeping in his university's science lab because no landlord in the city would rent to him, due to his inability to pass a background check. Aaron has recently tried to join the army in hopes that by serving his country, he may have his rights restored, and have his records sealed. Aaron was told he is unable to serve his country without a full pardon from Governor John Kasich. Aaron wants to serve in the army as an engineer in order to earn his forgiveness from society. This dream cannot be realized without a full pardon, which can then lead to the sealing of Aaron's criminal records. Aaron has many supporters from his family, friends, classmates, local politicians, university faculty, and administration, who are writing letters of support for a full pardon. This petition is not an agreement to a disposition of the morality of Aaron's crime. Aaron in no way justifies his action, and is remorseful of the suffering he caused his family by making a terrible decision. Aaron, at 32 is asking that he now be forgiven, and accepted as the man he is today, a dedicated father, brother, friend, student, and future leader. These restrictions imposed on Aaron will prevent him, for the rest of his life from continuing forward in realizing his potential. This petition is to support the statement that "The full pardon of Aaron David Seidel would further the interests of justice and be consistent with the welfare and security of society". Granting a full pardon to Aaron is in the best interest of the public, and in no way compromises the safety of its people. Aaron is very hard working, and is asking for the opportunity to build a life which can benefit his family, and the world. If you have questions for Aaron, he would be happy to answer them. If you would like to help the cause further, you may write letters of support to the Governor of Ohio John Kasich. Thank you all for your love and support.

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