When media gets out and goes into prisons

    Does it give the right for the White House to higher snitches to do harm to those inside prisons.
    Does he give the right for a sheriff to embezzle a person inside prison I'm only speaking about those that are connected with rampart Northeast police that are embezzling. Don't get me wrong not all policemen are the same but I'm just stating I'm not targeting. Proof is Media
    Well I've found several people involved in embezzoling. I Tina is not an embezzler if I Tina were to cause a fight I Tina would get a fight that I'm not a troublemaker for that reason. Why would cyber department hire police officers and some snitches to do bad things two other people. My name is Tina my family had businesses gas stations nice cars and nice homes. Those people that you see on that movie about people getting embezzled inside the prison those people that started the problem are here in my house. And it's Hillary Clinton Carter Trump Bush Reagan Bill Clinton Chelsea Obama all involved.
    What am I Tina going to do now I'm in a situation they killed my Gloria mother by stealing her identity my mom was a Los Angeles county sheriff our family ran the business for many years it wasn't a gangster business but in some areas it was all Mexican back in 1968-69. And of course other areas were all white hardly any blacks rarely any Chinese. So it was pretty common. My grandparents were judges in East Los Angeles and Superior Court. My grandparents also ran the state penitentiary's no I know that there was not anything going on in those penitentiary's. I heard that they got some guys and they took them in to the prison. I Tina was just a baby I Tina did not know what was prison about. Johnny Cash dumb Johnny Cash he was supposed to go in there and have the family begin music but no he got involved in drugs and all the southern about stuff y'all come of it today is not good. If I Tina could have spoken then I Tina, would have probably set them free but I don't know what their situation was.
    No these people that are reenacting stealing identities to be somebody as person who run the prisons all the prisons have stories full some head Johnny Cash soledad was of the land owner pelican Bay was of Alcatraz and the story of Alcatraz was people that were gateman at the prison turned out to be crooked. Corcoran was only because of a seal, San Quentin San Quentin was based on a family arrival Anna has a little secret see to it but do you know that full some was a castle at one time many many years ago and on there there were Queens names on a streamer that is what was on Folsom.
    Now what right does anybody have to go and have an alibi and send them in all-in-one name and social security to kill and destroy inside the prisons for their story. My Tina, grandfather my Tina,grandfather is the only person that can tell me if I tina could have something or my grandfather gives me Tina, something in my name no way will I Tina ever let anybody take my Tina, inheritance that my grandparents had given me. The whole thing about these boys in prison my grandparents wanted to keep them in show them how to do things with guards and me present and paint them and giving them diplomas and jobs so when they leave they have a job to go to it was never to kill it was just mandatory to show them how to do things. That's all my grandparents wanted just to get them all together and show them a better way of living instead of them getting their mentality or cyber abuse came into play embezzling.
    It's so sad to say and so much that we build on we made it and we're still living no way that anyone can ever build from manual from scratch like we did. You can pull records and you can who conferences so identify .
    I'm not for snitches that go into prisons and kill the people and family start trouble for people just because they want their story or they know their family insurance. It's illegal to use anyone's insurance especially violate elders and those that you lie about you knowing the family. I hope that all the embezzlers inside the prison's get caught especially those coming from the city of Los Angeles and those inside the White House today with a body count you can identify looking up Hillary Clinton Bill Clinton's body count inside the White House that they had killed.
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