They Shoved Pipes Down Dogs' Throats to Painfully "Debark" Them. Sign to Demand Justice!

Debarking is one of the cruelest things a human can do to a dog. Literally depriving them of their ability to speak, breeders or owners will go to gruesome lengths in order to mangle or sever a canine's vocal cords and cut out their barks forever.

Some U.S. states — like Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Maryland, and New Jersey — have banned devocalization under most circumstances, but some animal abusers are still maiming their dogs anyway. Most recently, officials discovered that an unlicensed breeder in Pennsylvania had been devocalizing its pups — in violation of state law, and with no anesthesia during these horrific operations.

Sign the petition to demand that authorities hold this breeder accountable for their crimes!

The details are excruciating, so proceed with caution.

In order to debark their dogs, the breeder decided to use an at-home "DIY" approach that is extremely disturbing. Each dog was held so it couldn't escape, and then a cylindrical device (possibly a pipe) was repeatedly shoved down into their throats, until their vocal cords were finally mutilated, cut, or completely destroyed.

And again, all this was performed on the animals without giving them any anesthesia to numb the pain. They could feel absolutely everything as these objects were rammed in their throats, lacerating their voice box muscles.

The breeder managed to debark at least three dogs this way before they were discovered. Humane rescue organizations saved 15 dogs from the facilities and will make sure they go to better homes.

Even in states where debarking surgeries are not illegal, many veterinarians refuse to perform these operations. Why? Because they serve no legitimate medical purpose — their only "benefit" is that owners don't have to listen to their animals make noise. Dogs use their barks to express joy, signal fear, call for help, indicate pain, and share countless other communications. Imagine losing your right to speak just because it annoyed someone. If people need their pets to be tortured before adopting them, those people don't deserve to have pets at all. No breeder should be allowed to get away with debarking their animals. These silenced animals need us to speak up for them.

Help us make sure this cruel Pennsylvania dog breeder is prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, and is never allowed to have animals again! Sign the petition to demand justice!
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