Pass The Mollie Tibbetts Bill - Create Safeguards For America

The Mollie Tibbetts Bill should be passed immediately by Congress and The President of The United States as soon as it is confirmed that an illegal alien murdered Mollie. The bill would require immediate deportations of all illegal aliens, and, further court requests by illegals would happen only after the illegals are all residing in their own respective countries of origin. This is to save taxpayers the enormous expense of illegals and would provide a safety net for Americans against the violence perpetrated by illegal immigrants.

Further, the bill should require immediate revocation of any and all driver licenses held by illegals so illegals cannot roam about freely and kill people like Mollie Tibbetts.

Further, it shall be law that no illegal can possess a cellphone or other electronic device while in the U.S.. These devices are apparently used by illegals to track victims with and should be disallowed to all illegal aliens. Illegals can use these devices to communicate with gang members and others who commit crime, and can warn others of I.C.E. busts.

Further, no illegal alien shall work or vote in the U.S. and all D.A.C.A. programs are to end.

This emergency bill should override objections by liberal federal judges who care more for the illegals than they do for the welfare of Americans and deportations can start at once.

Why should Americans take a murderous beating so the Demorats can have more voters?! This is madness, I tell you!!!!!! Want to make America great again? Give America back to Americans, not to illegals!

Let the death of college student Mollie Tibbetts stand for something positive! Don't let her death be wasted! Make Mollie your poster girl and battle cry! DEPORT ALL ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS AT ONCE AND REMOVE THE HUGE TICK ON THE BACK OF AMERICA!


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