A Recruiting Firm Tricked These Nurses, Then Sent Them to the Frontlines of the Coronavirus Pandemic

Accounts are coming from all over the United States of brave nurses flying away from their homes and families and straight into the "frontlines" of the coronavirus pandemic. Hospitals that have been hit hard by an influx of patients suffering from COVID-19, like many in New York City, are tasking recruiting firms with finding and properly assigning these nurses who are willing to put their lives on the line. However, one such recruiting firm, Kansas-based Krucial Staffing, has come under fire for promising three nurses high pay and safe conditions and not delivering on either promise.

Please sign the petition to demand that Krucial Staffing make amends for the horrific way it treated these heroes, and ensure that it never happens again!

Each of the three nurses, who are now suing Krucial Staffing, were recruited via mass texts. In the beginning, the firm made promises of up to $13,000 a week, guaranteed personal protective equipment (PPE), and asked the nurses for their areas of expertise (none of the nurses had ICU experience). But when the nurses arrived in New York City, not one was given an assignment they were comfortable with.

One of the nurses had been recruited to work in a swab center, but was instead sent to a Medical-Surgery unit when he arrived and found that the testing center's positions had all been filled. Not only did he have zero training or experience to equip him for such an assignment, he was not given an N95 respirator mask - an absolutely necessary piece of protective equipment for a Medical-Surgery unit.

The other two recruits were nurse practitioners (NP). They would later find out that Krucial Staffing was recruiting NPs for which there was no need and then reassigning them inappropriately. This implies that Krucial was indiscriminately enlisting and shipping folks to coronavirus hotspots, banking on the assumption that they would do what was asked of them - no matter their personal experience, training, or comfort level.

These nurses were also denied PPE. When they expressed concern, they were reprimanded, shamed, and told that they could leave - having already come all the way from Kansas to New York to selflessly fight this pandemic.

Krucial Staffing is profiting from a crisis, putting nurses and patients alike in danger while earning about twice as much as what it pays its workers. They should be ashamed. Nevermind that if it happened to these three nurses, it likely happened to others.

Please sign the petition today, demanding that Krucial Staffing compensate these nurses for the danger they were placed in, apologize, and ensure this NEVER happens again!
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