RACISM Isn't Dead ..It is a Live and Doing Well!

    I am a 53 year old Black Business Owner, I apply for loans and I am license and I have all my tax papers and yet I'm turned down. I understand business and the credit scores but there's help for people that are not black. I run a carpet business that I know everything about the business because my uncle had one and I helped him. I am so tired of the world looking at skin color as my character I'm a grandparent I have raised grandchildren I have even raised my sisters three kids when she passed in 2010. I pay my rent and my bills on time I've lived in my apartment complex for 11 years without being behind in rent not one time. But yet when I go into a game room they look at my skin color and tell me they are not accepting new members or I can't play no reason just because I'm black. Most of my friends are Hispanic because my husband God rest his soul was Hispanic so when we go together there's an instant stigmatism of we're doing something wrong. I thought that died long time ago but it's not it's alive and well racism the point of not trusting somebody because of their race is wrong. The solution is to look at somebody's content of their heart their mind their body and their soul not their skin color. Don't you think this has been going on long enough stop it end it maybe God will stop the coronavirus maybe it's because mankind's inconsideration to mankind.I pray that everybody that reads this will respond to this because racism isn't only black it is any race that isn't Superior I don't think that a race is supposed to be superior. Only God is his period and man is inferior to him. How could you call yourself a human being and try to hurt somebody else because of skin color race ethnicity or political belief or anything. Maybe you need to check your heart and see if your human!
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