Free Orca Morgan From Evil and Horrible Loro Parque in Spain

  • by: Susan V
  • target: Dutch District Court, Amsterdam
In 2010 a young female Orca named Morgan was found ill in the Wadden Sea, rescued and taken to an aquarium in Amsterdam.

The deal was that she would eventually be released back into the wild. Instead she was transferred to what Orca expert Ingrid Visser calls an “evil” and “horrible” marine park in Tenerife, Spain - Loro Parque.

Since the move, Visser and the Free Morgan Foundation have waged a long fight for Morgan’s release, citing threats to her safety from other whales and having her perform tricks, which Visser says violates the terms of the transport permit. But despite FMF‘s efforts, a Dutch judge ruled last week that the decision to transport Morgan to Loro Parque was lawful. 

More outrageous is Visser’s documented claim that the Spanish park threatened her with legal action if she presented the judge with a disturbing report on Morgan’s declining health.

Tell the Amsterdam Court to reverse its decision and get Morgan out of Loro Parque!

We, the undersigned, find the circumstances surrounding Morgan’s transfer and the decision to keep her in Spain suspicious and disturbing.

Visser told Digital Journal, that the wording in the legal notice from Loro Parque was "a clear case of attempting to bully me and have me back down from what I was going to say in court."

Visser and her group had challenged the original decision to move Morgan to Spain and had asked the court to investigate and overturn that decision, says Digital Journal, “so that Morgan could be rehabilitated and returned to the wild. A panel of three judges heard the case November 1, 2012."

Reports of the judges decision pose further concerns. Grind TV says that:
The Dutch News reported after the ruling that the export license for Morgan's transfer to Parque Loro "was granted on the grounds that the orca would be used for educational purposes" and paraphrases the judge as saying there are no indications that Morgan's health is in jeopardy by staying at the amusement park.

It makes no sense at all that the Dutch Minister would deem Morgan “non-releasable” and at the same time transfer her to a park where her life and quality of life would be jeopardized - or for the judge to support denials that life at amusement parks are anything but life-threatening to Orcas.

What Visser was going to report, says Digital Journal, was that Morgan had been attacked over and over, on average more than once and hour, by other whales. Visser adds that the whale was displaying very disturbing behavior and had bit and chewed on concrete, breaking a number of her teeth.

The park’s attorneys threatened Visser against releasing her report just 2 days before she was to present it to the courts, and since then, she says, with photographs to document her claim, the park has blocked her view of the area where Morgan is kept.

Free Morgan Foundation website posted after the recent court decision that “Despite the fact that Morgan’s right to freedom was clearly outlined by many orca scientists from around the world, the captivity industries duplicitous manner has resulted in this step backwards for Morgan and humanity.”

The information Visser tried to report and other circumstances surrounding this case is so disturbing, there is no excuse for the Dutch court to allow this orca to remain at Loro Parque. We hope the public will boycott this Parque unless and until drastic changes are made.

We insist the court reverse its decision at once, and get Morgan out of Loro Parque.

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