Save the Seals Day March 10

A special Day for Seals. Worldwide. Please share and invite Friends!


All Day we will
... -call the canadian Government:
Please call the Prime Minister Stephen Harper, Minister Gail Shea and Gerry Ritz!

Phone Number Prime Minister Stephen Harper:

1- 613-9924211

Minister Gail Shea, Minister of Fisheries and Ocean


Gerry Ritz,Minister of Agriculture


- all Day writing Emails:

Write to Governments of Canada, Namibia, Turkey, Australia and Hatem Yavuz to end the Seal Slaughter

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,


i am deeply opposed to Canada´s and Namibia´s annual cruel, wasteful, and unsustainable commercial slaughter of seal pups.

Sseals are facing a new threat - global warming - which is resulting in dramatically reduced ice coverage in the Gulf of St. Lawrence and off Newfoundland.

Your government is on record stating it will take 'real action' on global warming. And yet you have ignored the one tangible action your government could take to combat the effects of global warming - dramatically
reducing the seal hunt quota.

Apart from these serious conservation concerns shared by many Canadians, the seal hunt targets baby animals, a practice that is unacceptable to the majority of Canadians. In the past two years, 98% of the seals killed have been
less than three months old. Severe cruelty has been witnessed and documented at
the hunt during the past 30 years and incidents of cruelty are not decreasing.

This hunt only continues to exist because it is propped up by a range of government subsidies and tax-payers money. More and more countries around the world are adopting legislation to ban the import of seal products.

Instead of investing in meaningful employment opportunities for Newfoundlanders, the federal government continues to fund and support a seasonal and wasteful seal hunt which draws national and international
criticism to a proud region of Canada trying to build a reputation for
high-tech research and first-class environmental tourism.

The world's cruellest slaughter of seals takes place every year in Namibia, and is due to start again on July 1st. Australian-based fur and skins company, Hatem Yavuz from Turkey, is directly implicated in this annual brutal slaughter. Hatem Yavuz is the last remaining buyer of these dead seal pup skins to make them into fur coats.
The market for Namibian Cape Fur Seal skins has collapsed over recent years due to lack of demand and import bans in the European Union, the United States, Mexico and South Africa because of the cruelty involved in the sealing methods. As of 2008, Australian-based Hatem Yavuz is the only one company left buying seal skins from Namibia.
Gucci , Prada sells them

Hatem Yavuz company founded in 1975 on his own behalf, leather, fur and wool trade is doing. The slogan is "Leather is our business," the company's head office in Australia. The company is also Turkey, Russia and South Africa have the facilities. The Group's committed Yavuz leather Gucci, Prada and Versace are used by such famous fashion houses.

I urge you to act immediately to end this unnecessary cruelty to seals and to restore Canada's and Namibia´s pride .

Thank you for taking the Time to read this Letter.

australian Embassy



canadian Government:

Prime Minister Harper:,

Senator Mac Harb

canadian Senators:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Gail Shea:,

Gerry Ritz:,

Red Lobster:,

Publix Supermarket:​m,

Other contact information for individual Publix consumer relations and corporate contacts:
Maria Brous - PublixMaria Brous: Corporate Initiatives and Trade Publications; Director of Media & Community Relations
PO Box 407
Lakeland, FL 33802-0407
863-688-1188 ext. 55339

Brenda Reid - Publix Community RelationsBrenda Reid: GA, SC, TN, AL
Media & Community Relations Manager
2600 Delk Road
Marietta, GA 30067-6202
770-952-6601 ext. 3649

Dwaine Stevens - Publix Community RelationsDwaine Stevens: Orlando, FL; North FL; Southeast GA; Hilton Head, SC; Beaufort, SC
Media & Community Relations Manager
PO Box 2226-F
Jacksonville, FL 32231-0084

Kimberly Jaeger - Publix Kimberly Jaeger: Southeast Florida Media & Community Relations Manager
PO Box 699030
Miami, FL 33269-9030
305-652-2411 ext. 3810​ Shannon Patten - Publix Community

RelationsShannon Patten: Central FL
Media and Community Relations Manager
P.O. Box 32024
Lakeland, FL 33802
863-688-1188 x63486 Ed Crenshaw - Publix PresidentWilliam (Ed) Crenshaw: President of PUBLIX

email (try these)

Toursim Comission,,



Fur Companies/Designer,,

Company Pajar:,

The odette leblanc Collection:​,

canadian Newspapers:,,



TV Stations USA,,,,,,,,

USA Newspapers,,,,,,,,

USDA , , , ,

European Members of Parliament and the Council of the European Union :

german Government:


Government of Namibia,

Hatem Yavuz

-join or organize Events

Bringing the World's Attention to the Canadian Slaughter of Seals


If you would like to let the Canadian government know how you feel about this horrific slaughter, you might like to organize your own demonstration!


* Stage your demonstration at a site other than a government building. You will have more flexibility in planning the protest to occur at a time of the day or evening when you think you can gain a larger audience.
* Consider holding it outside a restaurant or a grocery store that sells Canadian seafood.
* Hold an all-night vigil.
* Set-up a seal cemetery; hold public funerals for the seals.
* Promote the Canadian Seafood Boycott during your protest. Please visit our Boycott page for more information.
* Hold formal or informal negotiations with representatives of restaurants and/or grocery stores asking them to stop selling Canadian seafood. Retailers joining the boycott will help put financial pressure on Canada to stop the annual seal hunt.
* If you choose to stage your demonstration in front of a Canadian government building, consulate, or embassy, click here for a list of addresses.

For printable flyers, posters, and banners, visit our Seal Defense Demonstration Resource page!

Please note: Generally demonstrators must remain on the public sidewalks. If you have any doubts you should check with your city to determine its requirements before the protest. After the demonstration, you should enter the building to deliver the copies of the petitions to the official on duty. One other person could accompany you to photograph the delivery. [Note: Please make sure you photocopy the petitions and send the original set back to the Sea Shepherd headquarters].


Websites where you find Leaflets, Banners, Posters, Stickers

My Website:

we, the undersigned,

 writing to urge you to support Canadian Senator Harb's efforts to end Canada's cruel commercial seal hunt.

This hunt only continues to exist because it is propped up by a range of government subsidies and taxpayers money. The vast majority of Canadians and caring people worldwide have been calling for an end to the hunt and the time to act is now.

Please use your unique position as a representative of both Canadians and the citizens of the world to fight for an end to this cruel slaughter.

The world is watching.
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