Stop the Abuse at Warren County Tn Animal Control, Fire Hennessee

Please help us stop the abuse at this county ran shelter that has a long history of mistreating and killing the animals in their care including the following:

1.  Stop Hosing the dogs down in their run in the cold weather(or any weather).  Every dog run has an inside area where the dogs can be placed while washing out the runs but they continue to soak the dogs even in freezing weather and it is unaccecptable and also against the law.  This is an ongoing issue that has been brought up many times and witnessed by lots of people.  All they must do is to open the door to the inside area to give the dogs a place to escape the torture of being soaked and then allowed to shake uncontrollably, especially short haired breeds that have specific laws to protect them from this behavior. 

2.  Stop killing dogs and cats before they get their 3 day state law required holding period and their 5 day county law hold.  Most current euthanasia log show hundreds of dogs and cats never given their proper time

3.  Stop telling citizens of Warren County to shoot stray dogs and cats or telling them to find a neighbor to shoot the strays.  All illegal activity.

4.  Stop threatening people who dare to question Mr Hennessee and stop threatening their animals.

5.  Stop throwing the dogs and cats food on the poop and pee covered concrete as this is also against Tn state laws.

6.  Stop leaving the dogs out in the cold when there is an inside area where they should be kept during any weather below 40 degrees as required by Tn state law.

7.  Stop shooting animals with his tranquilizer dart gun unless he is following Tn laws that require all other means of capture to have been tried and failed.  And start taking ALL animals that are darted to the vet as required by the laws governing tranquilizer guns to come out of the drugs as we have complaints of dogs dying from these darts. 

8.  Stop charging citizens money to reclaim their pets unless he follows the rules and regulations set forth by Warren County and posted on their website.

9.  Stop illegally keeping the money collected under the Tennessee Spay and Neuter law and start using it for spay and neuter programs as required under this law and turn over the accounting of this money which was requested under an oficial open records act request three times but has been kept HIDDEN from the records as to where this money is being spent..

10.  Turn over deleted pictures also requested in the same open records act request that the county illegally deleted to keep anyone from seeing them which is also against the law as all records must be kept.  The county executive has LIED to the comptrollers office about these pictures so he must have something he does not want seen under any circumstance to take this risk and illegally delete them.

11.  FIRE DAVID HENNESSEE THE CURRENT DIRECTOR  who has shown a disregard for following the animal laws and who continues to mistreat animals in his care and who believes he does not have to account for his actions or follow the laws like everyone else.
Until he is replaced there will never be any change at this shelter.  He has been warned, given second and third chances and he still does what he wants with no one telling him what he can or cannot do.  He has shown he will continue to disregard any laws that he does not want to follow and to show he does not have to treat the animals in his care with the proper care and respect.

12.  Have the district attorney actually investigate this shelter for all the laws they seem to forget they must follow.  This is her duty as the county DA but as of this petition her office has refused to look at any evidence even after repeated attempts to meet and show her the illegal activity.

13.  Reopen this shelter to the public offically by a vote from the county commissioners who have blocked anyone from entering the building or shleter area unless they choose to let you in, this includes residents searching for their animals.
This is a public building and everyone should be able to inspect and view that animals anytime they are open.  What are they afraid people will see???
We believe our county can do better and that we can have a shelter to be proud of.  We are tired of getting calls from citizens who have witnessed absue or have been threatened and it is time for a change and we want your help making these changes possible.
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