REMOVE YouTuber Chosen Won / Tom Reed, NOW!

At first, I was just disappointed with this person, because when I first found his channel, it seemed like a Godsend. What I saw, at first, is most likely what he wants people to see: this great man bringing awareness to lifestyles that are usually unfamiliar to the general public; and/or attempting to help these women; and/or humanizing these women. There are many reasons why I found myself gravitating towards his channel, due to what I thought were harmless, selfless, genuine deeds in MY hometown (Detroit) that took me YEARS to get away from because of many messed up scenarios. All of my friends from there are deceased, so please keep this in mind when watching the way he exploits these people. He would occasionally say/do things that made me uncomfortable, though, I would write them off as, "Well, we're all weird in some way..." and I continued to shrug off as many red flags as possible, as I WANT to believe that someone like [his alter ego] exists, and I know they ARE out there, however, he (Tom Reed) is NOT one of them! These girls are nothing more than his CONTENT. He refers to them as his hobbies, but after he begins drinking, he says what he REALLY wants to do to people that ask him why he does this.

I thought it was very strange that he deleted a comment from me explaining to him how difficult it is to get a lease, but the first REAL red flag was the fact that I was blocked for providing the information one of the girls was begging him for on a livestream, as he was too busy filming to look it up! People that don't see through to him think he is genuinely helping, despite NEVER EVER bringing flyers/paperwork/handouts for resources and his excuse for that is because "rehab ALWAYS fails." He never brings them water bottles or snacks or a blanket or ANYTHING. He has exposed his genitals more than he is seen doing things to help these people that he pretends to care about. This man is pumping out multiple videos a day and is constantly livestreaming, and many of his viewers don't care to watch his livestreams which is when he is drunk and says the most violent things/talks about killing the people he interviews and yes, even his diehard fans. It gets worse.

This man has a gigantic empty van & still does nothing but hand them a $10 bill like a Jon. He will never live their life. He is an entitled narcissist engaging in WIRE FRAUD, receiving thousands to give to these heroin addicted street workers. He preys on the vulnerable and weak and exploits these people before they are murdered. The girls that have been killed make him the most money. He has MANY people fooled, but I am no longer one of them. He leaves up SICK comments, bashing these women, but he deletes any comment that even politely calls him out on things not adding up. If you don't agree with 100% of everything that he does or says, you will be blocked, which is not only phony, but bizarre because of the comments that are getting people blocked: good intentions and all. If you slightly bruise his ego, for God knows whatever reason, or post something that would genuinely be beneficial for these street workers, you will be blocked. He polices comments like there's no tomorrow. He is pushing an agenda and narrating things the way that he wants to. It's all fake. He's exploiting these people for views and money and nothing more. He knows all the right things to say and is good at his game, but he has SO many people fooled at this point; it's SICK! He talks about killing people in his livestreams that cannot defend themselves, as everyone is blocked except for the minimal amount of followers that worship him no matter how horrible the things are that he says and does.

None of these women can even consent to his interviews in the first place as they are intoxicated and/or mentally ill. He even makes sure to record them walking away as if they will never be seen again and then the next video is "SO-AND-SO DIED."

The families of all ten deceased girls want their videos taken down, but cannot afford to sue him to do this. Whenever Penny's family asks him to take her video down, he not only keeps it up, but reuploads it with a new title to spite to her children and grandchildren.

In 1997, Mary "Marguerite" was the wife/mom in River Rouge that fled the scene as all children were taken away and the husband/father (Danny) was arrested. Why? Danny and Mary had been holding their little girls down to sexually abuse them for years. THIS is why she's on the streets and this is the real reason that her children want nothing to do with her. Tom wants his audience to think that her children are cruel to receive more donations. If you ever hear Tom mention wanting a portrait of Marguerite on his wall, that is once again, another way for him to hurt any of the seven children that might be listening.

Here's another example of how he treats children - demanding a nine-year-old to show him how she would smoke a cigarette with candy while riding in his van:

He somehow didn't know that social blade existed (or it's another part of how calculated his lies are), as he's been telling his viewers and the people in his videos that he is demonetized and not suitable for most advertisers. Well, unfortunately for him, demonetized and "not suitable for MOST advertisers" are opposite. Not suitable for most advertisers = monetized. Even drug addicts discovered social blade; watch how defensive he gets when it's brought up: - MOST advertisers =/= ALL advertisers. There are ads EVERYWHERE on this man's videos, especially, the deceased girls who don't have the resources to fight him to take those down and he knows this and takes advantage of this. This is what he had to say about the women asking him about social blade later on after he had been drinking: - His story has now changed that he just began getting decent money this month, and make sure to watch through the entire ads!

He repeats himself that he has no problem taking videos down if requested later on, but denies to do so after they die. As I said, the deceased ones make him the most money and one of the girls that was killed (Kelley)'s dad is literally in the comment section on that video begging him to take it down and he says, "No. She would have wanted it up," despite – once again – these NOT being legal consents. None of theses people's families want these videos up and he refuses to take them down. There are even women that get clean and ask him to please take down their video and he, once again, refuses. His claim to take down any video is nothing more than one of his habitual lies. 

He claims he will bring resources that are asked for, but never does, obviously. He gets WAY too excited whenever he hears that one of them have relapsed and are back on Michigan Ave, before rushing to stalk said person to get another update for his sick viewers. Watch the way he forces her to SHOW HER FACE while she is this injured: - she was most likely blind for several minutes after that. In fact, she was arrested immediately afterwards for "tresspassing" as she went back to the abandoned home she had been squatting in.

If you attempt to speak up against Tom, he has Cyber Terrorists & YouTube's Pedophile Ring attack said person into silence. The ONLY person to stand up to "Daddy Tommy Reed"'s Cult (and to ALSO refuse to back down, despite severe 'suicide troll' level harassment) is YouTuber Laura Vittadini (beginning in October 2019). All others that have attempted to speak out eventually gave up and backed down out of fear of Tom's cult.


Victim #01 - 
2015, April 16: Wendy is interviewed by Tom Reed (
2015, May: Wendy's body is found in a ditch. Most information nondisclosed.

Victim #02 - 
1999 (approximately): Nicole begins working the streets to support her drug habit.
2016, November 13: Nicole is interviewed by Tom Reed (
2016, December: Nicole's body is found along railroad tracks.
News Article (Nicole)

Victim #03 - 
1996 (approximately): Penny begins working the streets to support her drug habit.
2016, August 28: Penny is interviewed by Tom Reed (
2017, April 28: Penny is pronounced dead after being in a coma due to being beat in the head with a lead pipe.
Obituary for Penny

Victim #04 - 
2002 (approximately): Angel begins working the streets to support her drug habit.
2017, July: Angel is interviewed by Tom Reed twice (
2017, July: Angel's body is found with a needle in her arm, despite not using heroin after the second interview.
Angel ads (example): - there are one of these for each and every interview...

Victim #05 - 
1998 (approximately): Kelley begins working the streets to support her drug habit.
2018, August 31: Kelley's interviewed by Tom Reed (
2018, September 20: Kelley is pronounced dead / cause of death undisclosed.
Obituary for Kelley

Victim #06 - 
2012 (approximately): Monica begins working the streets to support her drug habit.
2019, May 07: Monica is interviewed by Tom Reed (
2019, May 31: Monica is killed - vehicular homicide
News Article (Monica)

Victim #07 - 
2019, August 15: Tiffany is interviewed by Tom Reed (her parents sued him/this is the only video he has actually taken down).
2019, September 07: Tiffany's body is found stabbed to death.
News Article (Tiffany)
Obituary for Tiffany

Victim #08 - Amanda (timeline under construction)

Victim #09 - 
2016 (approximately): Raven begins working the streets to support her drug habit.
2019, September 09: Raven is interviewed by Tom Reed (
2020, May 16: Raven's body is found in the middle of the road.
Obituary for Raven

Victim #10 - 
2012 (approximately): A'Kera begins working the streets to support her drug habit.
2020, October 30: A'Kera AKA "Sweat Pea" is interviewed by Tom Reed ( 
2021, January 18: A'Kera is found dead (COD undisclosed).
Obituary for A'Kera

Tom continues to mock the people that he exploits:

Oh yeah, and if someone sends gifts of cash in a card about God or Jesus, he BASHES that person while the gifted is being opened... It's very disgusting. Instead of a thank you for another hundred dollar bill. He - himself - to remind people that they are stupid for believing in God/Jesus and they then mock any religious gifts received with a sarcastic, "Money helps, not that crap, but thanks."

Wire fraud: On top of people constantly donating to him on PayPal or during his livestreams, there are people that load his PO Box with cash/gift cards/goodies for heroin addicted prostitutes:

Every time Tom causes something to go horribly wrong with any of these girls, he attempts to convince his flying monkies that this happened because of [the people] that have made [a] video[s] against Chosen Won's channel.
I may be chronically ill. I can go anyday now, though, I WILL NEVER STOP SPEAKING UP ABOUT ANY THESE FELONS WHILE I am "on my deathbed"! I REFUSE to stop fighting for the same abuse that has taken my own life away from ME!!!!!

IF YOU ARE BEING HARASSED, PLEASE! PLEASE!!! DO NOT TAKE YOUR LIFE!!! Talk to someone that comprehends the level of severe, relentless cyber terrorism that this pedophile ring is has put people through for standing up for children and adults that cannot protect themselves. DO NOT TRY TO CONFIDE IN SOMEONE THAT HAS NEVER EXPERIENCED THIS LEVEL OF SEVERE CYBER TERRORISM!!! NO ONE HAS A CLUE UNTIL THEY EXPERIENCE IT FIRST HAND!!! NOT A CLUE!!!!!! LEAVING THE INTERNET WILL MAKE THE HARASSMENT WORSE!!! BE CAREFUL UNTIL THIS ALL COMES TO A HEAD AND THESE CRIMINALS ARE TAKEN DOWN!!!!!!

Updates: The Michigan State Sherriff's Department are invesitgating Thomas Howard Reed.   

-Chosen Won / THR mocks the investigation documentation sent to him from the MSSD: 

-Raven's family has alleged that the day that Raven died was also the same day that she had received hundreds of dollars in donations through Tom. 

-Tom took off to Montana the day after Jamie was VERY intoxicated in his hotel room late the previous night / very early that morning. During the livestream of Jamie heavily intoxicated, she was beggining Tom to take her to rehab throughout the livestream, though her pleas were ignored. Tom convinced her that she will be safe in his hotel room and he will watch over her, despite his own followers demanding that he discontines said livestream and takes her to the ER immediately. He ignored all pleas and continued to ask questions for this "interview." Most questions asked were reguarding her being abused as a child, and even encouraged her to talk about being a child prostitute. Hundreds of dollars of donations were sent for Jamie, though Jamie was not informed of this until Tom had been in Montana for days. Jamie began commenting on said livestream begging him to take it down because of how embarrassed she was with that being up. Tom began hiding all of Jamie's comments and convinced his subscribers that "it was one of [his] haters pretending to be Jamie." Tom claimed that he spoke to Jamie on the phone and Jamie told him that that was not him. Jamie, however, was so frustrated with Tom leaving, hiding her comments, and not answering her calls that she informed multiple people about what had happened: According to Jamie, she woke up in Tom's bed the next morning with no recollection of falling asleep there. Tom then rushed out of the hotel and drove to Montana, leaving behind multiple things that he normally brings with him wherever he goes (camera parts, etc). While Tom was in Montana, Jamie learned about the hundreds of dollars that had been sent to her during that livestream, as the donators were finding ways to contact her directly to verify that they were received. Tom had kept her donations a secret up until people were reaching out to make sure everything is okay, due to how suspicious Tom's activity was. Tom's lies began falling apart as Jamie verified that those WERE her comments on his page, claimed that Tom was also refusing to respond to her texts or phone calls since checking out of that hotel, and began demanding that Tom take that video down. Tom finally took down the video of Jamie heavily intoxicated and then claimed that he wanted nothing more to do with her. Tom claims that he is sending back anything that has ever been sent to Jamie, however, super chat donations cannot be refunded - another lie. Tom will most likely not be returning to Detroit any time soon, as too many people are on to his games and are after him, at this point.

-Tom's channel finally died thanks to him and Moser (formerly named Joseph) Moser's one-sided "friendship." Tom dislikes this person very much, but this person must continue supporting Chosen Won (Tom), so that he won't release the phone calls. Both Tom and Moser record ALL OF THEIR PERSONAL PHONE CALLS. Joseph "Tiffany" Moser has been responsible for severe harassment and bullying to those that have been brave enough to stand up to this level of evil. Again, this (Chosen Won's channel dying because of Joseph "Tiffany" Moser being around) was predicted several months ago, as most people do not know how psychotic Cyber Terrorist Joseph "Tiffany" Moser is. They create the kind of damage that no one has ever witnessed before, prior to this person stalking your entire life. Once you research this person, you will find overwhelming evidence of the horrible crimes they've been engaging in online for the past THIRTEEN YEARS. You wouldn't believe the things that this person goes out of their way to do all to fool people. A simple search engine of their name will reveal dozens and dozens of different people, on all different platforms, from all different years, with all different stories, attempting to warn the entire internet about this person. Aside from killing at least one person with their car, Joseph "Tiffany" Moser has convinced people to take their lives (RIP to everyone Joseph "Tiffany" Moser has killed), ONLINE, as Joseph "Tiffany" Moser knows how to pretend to be an amazing friend to the people they are simultaneously destroying behind their back. Joseph "Tiffany" Moser has mastered the art of fooling people - especially those that are gullible or new to this. Again, DO NOT EVER, EVER, EVER E-MAIL TOM OR TIFFANY; DO NOT CLICK ANY LINKS PROVIDED BY TIFFANY OR TOM; DO NOT SHARE YOUR FACEBOOK WITH THEM; DO NOT GIVE THEM YOUR PHONE NUMBER; BLOCK THEM; AND AVOID THEM LIKE THE PLAGUE!!!!!! Joseph "Tiffany" Moser will convince you to email them, as this is the easiest way to pull a person's IP and even mess with your device. Tiffany will post links and ask you to click on them, as they are phishing links to give her all of your provider's information, as well as your location. Tiffany will convince you to contact them on Facebook so they can stalk people that you are affiliated with. They will ask you for your phone number (FYI: anyone that has ever spoken to Moser on the phone has been recorded), or address to send you a gift (prior to having CPS after you if you have children / Animal Control after you if you have any pets / swat teams / etc). Joseph "Tiffany" Moser also frames the people that they dislike for everything that they do. All that us empathic intellects can do is warn people about these degenerative sociopaths (to be polite).

It's very heartbreaking watching people have to go through all of this the hard way because they believed Moser was their friend, before they rip the rug out from underneath them, while blaming their crimes on people that they either dislike, all the way to people that don't even exist. Joseph "Tiffany" Moser makes up characters to blame things on and all, as she is severely psychotic to the point she delusionally believes that she has everyone fooled. She has THOUSANDS of accounts, and most have very little subscribers with no content. ALWAYS check an account to see when it was created, how many subscribers they have, and if they have actual content of themselves. Unless someone has been on a panel, there is a very good chance you are talking to Moser on one of their accounts. 

Moser has even gone as far as to literally sign this petition, pretending to be different people - including people that think they are her friend! You can sign this petition without leaving a note at all!!! If you see any strange messages on any signitures, please contact one of us to have said fake signatures removed, as this is what Moser has been doing since this petition began. This is all they do with their life, as Moser and her fiance are entirely financially dependent on parents, grandparents, and strange men online that Moser will convince she wants to be with, despite being engaged to her fiance that she lives with, while catfishing gullable men online/convincing them that her own fiance is her "gay" roommate to keep random men giving her money for alcohol, and cocaine. 

Again, if you see a signature that you suspect was written by Moser (or Tom), let us know so we can remove and ban said device, though I am pretty sure all of their devices are now blocked.

Tom also has an obsessed defender by the name of Lori Ann Dunn, who has doxed multiple young children, and has even harassed the children of women that Chosen Won dislikes on his behalf. Having a disturbing fascination with fecal matter, Lori Dunn lives in Warwick, Rhode Island and is being monitored by law enforcement, as well. This is a woman in her 50s that does not have to work due to disability that has caused her to be unable to move very often, therefore, this is the alleged reason WHY she sits at her home computer for over 12 hours almost every single day. She currently uses an account on YouTube called "Dyson Dyson." I will link it here in case she changes the name:

This child doxxer & abuser (Lori Ann Dunn) is very mentally ill, which is not well hidden by her in her obsessive comments, constantly contradicting one another; however, this is no exuse for her neverending harassment, spamming the same slander over and over. Do not disclose any information about any children to this woman, as just like most other pedophiles that defend Tom and/or Moser, she is a very sick person that has no cure; block and avoid. 

No matter how innocent you feel that you are, having anything to do with Reed; or Moser will not end well for anyone. Every single person that even defends Reed is being investigated at this point. 

Some of Moser's main channels: 

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