If You Repeal the ACA, Replace it with Single-Payer Healthcare!

*Republicans will not stop their efforts to repeal the Affordable Care Act. Civilian efforts to tell their representative what they want have successfully delayed votes and stopped evil plans to severely limit or end healthcare for some of the most vulnerable among us. But the fight is not over. It's time that we stop fighting against the dismantling of our healthcare system and start fighting for a real solution: single-payer healthcare.*

Single-payer healthcare, otherwise known as “Medicare for all,” is "a system in which a single public or quasi-public agency organizes health care financing, but the delivery of care remains largely in private hands." It is the only system that guarantees in which all of us, young and old, sick and healthy are covered.

In his 2000 book "The America We Deserve," Trump wrote: "We must have universal health care… With more than 40 million Americans living day to day in fear that an illness or injury will wipe out their savings or drag them into bankruptcy, how can we truly engage in the 'pursuit of happiness' as our founders intended?"

We all now know that those words aren’t worth they paper they were printed on. Trump and the Republican led Congress have done nothing but threaten Americans’ access to healthcare. Even though more and more American’s are screaming out for a universal system.

Luckily, we have been able to stave off their attempts to rip coverage out of the hands of millions. But if we rest for even one moment, we could quickly lose the battle.

We must continue to fight and we must continue to make our voices heard. Sign the petition and tell your representative that you don’t want to repeal the ACA, you want to make it better with a single-payer system!

Update #32 months ago
Another effort at repealing Obamacare narrowly failed last night, thanks to all of your work. Your signatures, calls, tweets and rallying are working and you should be proud of that. But we know that Republicans will not stop their efforts to take away health care from millions until Democrats run the legislature. It’s time to prepare to vote the folks trying to harm Americans out of office in 2018.
Update #22 months ago
Republicans are using an unconventional, secretive and undemocratic method to push through the most destructive piece of legislation in our lifetimes. This is literally life or death for many Americans. We have 20 hours to convince the Senate to vote “NO” on this bill. Call your senator right now: (202) 224-3121 to ensure they vote “NO”.
Update #13 months ago
Mitch McConnell has failed once again to cut Americans’ access to healthcare. Just today his fourth attempt in less than a month went down in flames. But the majority leader is clever and resourceful. We cannot rest assured that his efforts will continue to fail. Make sure you share this petition on social media and tell your representative that you want single-payer!
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