"A Peaceful Wave Of Unity"

  • by: James Sabato
  • recipient: The world,its leaders, musicians across the globe and the United Nations

Musicians' voices are like loudspeakers for talking to the world. Those voices can be as gentle as an angel's heartbeat and as empowering as the beat of its wings! Peace, kindness, compassion, and love have the ability to conquer all of our problems, but nothing will happen in silence. If you put voices and music behind those qualities you can reach right through people to the very soul of humanity! We are not the color of our skin, or the food we eat, or the clothing we wear, or the language we speak, or the country we live in. We are humankind all of us together here on 🌍🌏🌎. It's time we started to act like it! It is time we came together to take care of one another instead of destroying earth and ourselves in the process. I'm talking about a 🌍🌏🌎 unification. How long can we go on the way we have? With confusion and fighting, war and terrorism - all caused by fear, frustration, anger, and hatred? Our desperate need to conquer these things has been, to date, a terrible failure. The failure occurs in our inability to appreciate the differences between us, rather than fearing them. All of us, from all over the world, make contributions to the beauty of humankind. We are diverse but we are still one humankind, one shared humanity! Sharing our knowledge and understanding is the first step toward opening our minds, our souls, to compassion and kindness, to love and peace. Music, like humankind, is diverse, and beautiful to each of us in its own way. If we would just stop being afraid long enough to understand just how that diversity makes us richer, we would see that every continent and culture gave us beauty and wisdom, from Confucius to Leonard Da Vinci and many more. Once a year the United Nations celebrates a day to honor the hope for global peace. Remember the song We Are The World? Remember how it brought us all together for one cause? We need music like that, with the power to unify the 🌍🌏🌎. I would like to begin a movement to honor that day of peace and also recognize the power of music. This a calling, a cry for help! Please, musicians of 🌍🌏🌎, Come together, help us to feel, to remember our humanity; to be kind to one another, to show compassion for each other, to find once more the peaceful truth of love! A medley is what we need composed of songs from across the 🌍🌏🌎. Played in each time zone at just the right moment, traveling from east to west with the rising sun, it would cover the world like a peaceful wave of unity! Let this be the generation, now be the time, people of 🌍🌏🌎 who believe in the peace that is love rise!

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