Stop the Skinning of Live Raccoon Dogs on Chinese Fur Farms

Genuine UGGs can cost up to $300, but sadly counterfeiters are cashing in by substituting sheepskin with raccoon dog pelts and selling them at cut-rate prices. UGG (an Australian Company) has denied using raccoon dog fur in its own products, pointing the finger rather at off-brands for tainting the entire industry. Up to 40 fur-bearing products from overseas contains the word "UGG". What people do not realise is that these counterfeiters not only inhumanly catch these animals because raccoon dogs are not considered “dogs” and their furs are not protected from being exported from China and they themselves are not protected. But to harvest their pelts these defenceless animals are SKINNED ALIVE! To make it easier to skin these animals the workers will bash them repeatedly in the head to stun them as to stop them from struggling. Then after they are skinned the animals are tossed aside, bloody, with their bare skin exposed to the elements. I am asking people to sign this petition to protect these animals from being used for their pelts for counterfeit goods. Be the voice for the speechless.


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