The Crimes Against Children In All Its Forms Must Stop Now!

Whichever way you look at it paedophilia which roughly translates into an adult who is sexually attracted to young children is a crime!
We know from experience that paedophilia in many instances goes much, much deeper than its clinical definition.
The records show that many babies and children who fall victim to this crime may very well become victim of unimaginable violence and at times snuffed whilst being filmed or killed off in various other sick manner all in the name of sexual gratification as administered by demented and evil minded individuals.
Recently I had the terrible experience of meeting one such individual during my business interaction with him!
This medical doctor or dentist to be precise who attempted to engage me for unknown reasons invoking this deathly sick subject of paedophilia to me.
He non chalantly advocated to me on three separate occasions as if he was discussing the weather. Shockingly stated that it was perfectly in order to "rape babies" and that their "screams" should be ignored during sexual "intercourse" further stating if my "father" did not teach me about this!
I feel weak when I consider that this monster whose profession calls for him to freely interacts with children during the course of treatment!
I have recently read about the now infamous John Podesta emails concerning paedophilia at the highest levels of the United States government that was released by wikileaks.
My recent interaction with this dentist highlights to me just how deep this criminal disease transcends mainly concealed in our daily lives.
The heinous crimes that are perpetrated against the most innocent of the innocent, young tender, loving trusting precious and beautiful aspect of humanity – our children!
This crime must stop now. Paedophilia is a scourge to our society and those heinous perpetrators that wilfully perpetrate these sick acts of violence against our young and precious little ones is totally unacceptable from every angle and standpoint.
Who gives this person the right who has without my consent assaulted me with this terrible, terrible topic?
I will withhold the doctor's name for now for obvious reasons.
I wish to urgently bring this criminal behaviour to the attention of Michael Masutha who is the South African minister of justice so that it can be fairly, impartially and thoroughly investigated and further who knows for all I care with this brazen criminal attitude towards children, he may very well be a part of a larger paedophile ring?
This is another reason why I believe that this person needs to be thoroughly investigated by the police services.
I say no to child sex and paedophilia in its physical or verbal form as I have no doubts that the vast majority of us, "the people" do!
I say no to the abuse of children in all manner shapes and forms! I am sure that you do too!
He is a dental practitioner and who's to say he is not molesting children that he is treating?
Will you knowingly entrust your child or children in the care of this monster?
A proper investigation is needed and this petition shall call for it!
Help me to jumpstart this investigation by voting against child abuse with your signature.
Remember just a single paedophile removed from society will make a huge difference and the multiplier effect will kick in, it will prevent scores of children from the scars of this scourge.
Please, all it takes is just a few seconds of your time to sign this petition, it is truly amazing but just a few seconds of your time may somewhere and sometime, somehow translate into a lifetime of freedom for some poor soul.
Please sign now and help send a strong message to the Minister of Justice that the people will not tolerate this crime.
You signature is power help us make a difference by signing this petition now!

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