The Sovereign People's Movement to Abolish the Arctic & Antarctic Treaties

  • by: Jonathan Christopulos
  • recipient: The Board of Antarctic Treaty | The Board of Arctic Treaty and respective representatives

Both the Arctic treaty and the Antarctic Treaty are fundamentally immoral, antiquated, unfounded agreements made between the world military powers of yester-year, during the volatile and uncertain political climate in the years following the end of World War II. The treaties (defined as the Antarctic and Arctic Treaties) are unjustifiable obstacles that prevent free people and free enterprise from exploring and pioneering the last great frontier on Earth.
Based on the exploration of the antarctic conducted by US Admyral Richard E Byrd during the 1950's Antarctic expedition known as "Operation High-Jump", it is clear that the southern polar region is a promising source of immeasurable wealth and resources for all nations of the world for the next several Centuries. During my lifetime, I've witnessed America's dependence on Midlle Eastern Oil sky-rocket, and the job market bottompout, with wages for an average american remaining stagnant.  In the meantime, domestic jobs are dwindling, while competition increases thanks to "globalization" of service-based jobs, and international trade deals such as NAFTA incenting corporations to ship jobs overseas, not to mention the illegal-alien workforce dominating the labor-force, while the construction industry is at an all-time low...   Sky-rocketing inflation is decreasing the buying power of the already stagnant income of a typical citizen. If we could open up the Antarctic for free-enterprise, it would solve our world-wide economic problems overnight, without the need for perpetual war as planned by the Military Industrial Complex.
The purpose of this petition is to get the support of enough people to at least raise the two treaties up for public discussion and review. We can no longer allow ourselves to be imprisoned by antiquated decisions cast in permanent stone.  This is lunacy, and we MUST revisit the ideas used to justify the Antarctic and Arctic Treaties.  Please sign this petition of you would like to have the Arctic and Ant-Arctic treaties reviewed for validity or relevance in modern economic terms and possible abolishion. This will open up an entire world full of possibilities for independence and a critically necessary spike in jobs when people across the world need it the most. Laws designed to keep the polar regions of our world off-limits to free citizens and free enterprise and unfounded, antequated and counter-productive to modern society.

All Signers disagree with the laws involved with the Antarctic & Arctic Treaties from the mid 1900's, and demand a review of these antiquated, useless agreements.  These treaties were signed into law during a phase in history when most living people were not even born yet, and we (as sovereign free people) never never agreed to these terms.  There is a wealth of untouched resources untapped in the polar regions.  Here in America, we continue to purchase foreign oil from our apparent enemies.  We have a stagnant economy with no jobs, along with rampant inflation decreasing our spending power and quality of life.

  We are convinced that opening up the Polar regions for Free pioneering, and free enterprise, most of our political and economic issues would be solved almost instantly.  Opening the polar regions would create jobs, whilst severing our need for foreign oil.

Your organizations manage obsolete agreements which must be reviewed by modern, contemporary adults.  Signers agree we must revisit and review the treaties, with the ultimate goal of abolishing them altogether, under the grounds that they are unconstitutional and completely useless for any discernable purpose.

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