Punish Evil Fisherman Who Murdered A Critically Endangered Fish!

  • by: Eric Rardin
  • recipient: Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission

Chad Ponce used a power tool to cut the bill off of an endangered fish while it was still alive, then threw it back in the water!

Add your name if you want to make sure he loses his commercial fishing license.

Chad Ponce admitted to killing a 12-foot smalltooth sawfish last year by hacking off its rostrum – or extended nose – with a power saw.

He didn't just kill the poor thing.

He murdered it in the most cruel way possible...

While the majestic creature was still alive, flopping around in panic on the deck of his boat, Ponce used a power tool to hack off its rostrum. Then he threw the living animal back into the water, abandoning it to a slow, agonizing death.

"A sawfish will die of starvation without it's rostrum, because the fish uses it primarily to sense and hunt for prey," according to TC Palm.

Imagine how painful it would be if someone severed your lower jaw with a circular saw, then left you shocked and bleeding to fend for yourself...

And the worst part is, sawfish are a critically endangered species.

"The smalltooth sawfish is one of five sawfish species worldwide and the only one still found in U.S. waters. All five species of sawfishes are in danger of extinction and listed as endangered under the Endangered Species Act, as well as some international authorities," reported NOAA.gov.

There may be as few as 200 left in the wild, according to The International Union for the Conservation of Nature.

What was his punishment?

2 years probation, 80 hours of community service and a measly $2,000 fine...

You know that a slap on the wrist isn't good enough.

He deserves REAL punishment.

Ponce is a commercial fisherman in St. John's County, Florida. His vessel is called the Triton II.

Let's take away his livelihood, and make sure he can never murder another critically endangered sawfish, or any other helpless sea creature, ever again.

We're calling on the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission to do the right thing and revoke Chad Ponce's commercial fishing license.

Don't you want to stop this cruel, heartless murderer from harming any more endangered wildlife?

Then add your name to ask the seven-member council of the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission to review Chad Ponce's case, and revoke his commercial fishing license because he brutally murdered a critically endangered sawfish!

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