Justice for Jasmin Criminalized when in actuality she was the Victim

Because too many women have become criminals in the New Mexico justice system. They call 911 to get the police to come protect them from abusive boyfriends and husbands, but when the police don't arrive in time and they have to flee for their lives then these controlling manipulative men turn around and claim they were the actual victims instead of the women they actually abused.    Jasmin a young woman who has never been in trouble with the law is sitting in jail and cannot be bailed out or bonded out because she failed to go to court on a restraining order placed by her boyfriend Asa Keyes the night she called the police begging them to come and help her move out of his honme before he hurt her again. When after several hours and the police still hadn't reponded to her 911 call ( even as they called her and apologised for their tradiness) She fled in the night with 16 lawn sized garbags and her 80 pound dog. Asa  Keyes filed a restraining order against her- not because he was in any danger from him but because he wanted to ( and did) sell  and throw away every single possession  that she was forced to leave behind. With a restraining order she had two choices- COme get her furniture, dishes, pots,pans etc but face jail time by violating the restraining order if she did. It was just another way he could punish her for fleeing from the abusive relations. In Arizona they make both parties come in to tell their stories so that there is justice for both sides. While we know that sometimes women do batter men and they don't often  report it because of pride the bulk of abuse cases are still men against  women and due to the difference in physical strength women come out on the losing end and very often die at the hands of those who love them. Don't let these victims become criminals sign the petition 

Dear friends- My only child  Jasmin Jaekel has been imprisoned in the Hidalgo Detention Center on what is literally a technicality from a civil case filed by her abusive  ex-boyfriend  Asa Keyes as an opportunistic way to punish because she had the nerve to finally leave him one night when he drunkenly cornered her, pinned her down  calling her a piece of s--- all the while threatening her. The story is on Change.org   and fund me now  under Justice for Jasmin-  sites to help people who have not been able to get justice any other way . Jasmin is currently  an honor student  in a nursing program AT Western New Mexico University. She has never been in trouble for anything ever, not even a traffic ticket  and is now rotting in a jail cell in isolation (for her safety) with a do not bond order because she didn’t go to court on a civil charge  filed against her by her ex-boyfriend filed the day after she fled in fear for her life. It was a restraining order filed not because he was fearful of her and what he she with her 5’5 125 pound body might do to his 6’4 280 body but because it allowed him to throw away and sell all of her worldly belongings that she left behind the night she fled for her life. She would have gone  to court had she known she was supposed to go. This will destroy her academic career if she doesn’t get out of jailsoon, her nursing program is very demanding and it is too late for her to drop and add her courses.  She has lost everything, her house, their couple friends, her school ( she moved home and had to switch schools) and all of her possessions besides clothing a phone, a few books and her dog.  Please  she has lost everything- sign the petition so there can be Justice for Jasmin-

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