This Poor Critically Endangered Turtle Almost Died Wrapped Up in Ocean Pollution!

A group of fisherman were off the coast of Krabi in Southern Thailand when they spotted a turtle caught in a big white bag! As it turns out, the turtle was a critically endangered species called the hawksbill turtle. They were able to free the critter and let it go back into the wild, but many others are not so lucky. Thailand has a huge ocean pollution problem and there is a plan to get it under control.

Will you sign the petition and ask Thailand to make it a priority to keep pollution out of the ocean and clean up the trash that's already there?

It's so lucky that the fisherman spotted this particular turtle and freed it from the sack that may have otherwise killed it! Their populations are dwindling so fast, it's estimated that only about 8,000 nesting females are alive in the wild. This species could be gone from this earth so fast if we don't change our ways. Saving this one turtle is amazing and will go a long way, but we need to do more!

Hawksbill turtles are usually found near coral reefs because they like to eat sponges. But they are the most critically endangered of all seven species of sea turtles for a few reasons. Surprise surprise, it's all due to human behavior. Coastal development impedes their breeding, they are often victims of "bycatch" from indiscriminate fishing, some humans poach them for jewelry and to eat - even though they feed on toxic materials so eating them is not a good choice. But one of the biggest threats to this creature is marine debris like the bag that almost killed our friend from this video. 

We have sway over all of these things, but in honor of this turtle that lives another day, we need to put the pressure on Thailand right now. Sign on to tell Thailand to impliment this plan to keep plastic out of the ocean!

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