• by: Roman J
  • recipient: New Zealand Government

It sucks to be a possum in New Zealand. Cars swerve to hit you. Guns point toward you. People feed you little green pellets that taste like cinnamon, only afterwards they taste like poison death. Plus, no one ever gets your name right.

But if you are a possum, brace yourself: it's about to suck more. New Zealanders are rallying to launch an all-out war against their furry foes, following a scientist's dying vision for a "pest free New Zealand" Those pests include (take a breath): rabbits, rats, weasels, cats, stoats, goats, deer, and hedgehogs ... but mostly, possums. "It's a pretty easy sell said zoologist Nicola Toki, a passionate supporter of the plan who works for the Animal Health Board "We relate our national identity to our native wildlife and yet everybody hates possums.

Some of these animals who have been poisoned will die in the rivers and streams which also contaminates the water and to think New Zealand bottles and distributes this water. Everything is connected.

There is no excuse in the world that one can validate for killing any creature regardless of the damage we think they do to native species and environment.
Possums were introduced to New Zealand why should they have to suffer the result of human error? New Zealand what a joke.

This is what needs to happen. We need to conduct a mass aerial drop of fruit producing seeds over the native New Zealand bush such as BlueBerries, Raspberries, Blackberries, Passionfruit, etc. the reality is possums love fruit and so do rats and birds. New Zealand does not have an abundance of fruit for its wildlife in the bush and this is why possums and rats turn to such things as eating bird eggs. To help the native birds we must first help the possum by working with the environment and offering a new abundance for them to eat such as fruit baring seeds. After so long they will discover this and their habits will change. Birth control alone will not work as they need the food they have been deprived of by being introduced to New Zealand.

I encourage tourist to pledge to this. Animal cruelty is a growing concern in New Zealand.

I have decided to share a link to this New Zealand documentary in hopes you share and wake up the world about New Zealands evil hand toward its wildlife.

Poisoning Paradise


Update #58 months ago
The prime minister and bio security minister have unfortunately rejected this petition however I encourage people to keep signing and spreading the word and maybe down the track this petition will get traction again. I thank you all for your signatures of support. Keep it up.
Update #410 months ago
They are at it again in spite of this petition. We need more signatures.
Update #310 months ago
Dear Roman Jackson
I am writing on behalf of the Prime Minister, Rt Hon Jacinda Ardern, to acknowledge your email of 21 April 2018 concerning possum shooting driving native birds deeper into the bush, and the effects of 1080. Please be assured your comments have been noted.
As the issue you have raised falls within the portfolio responsibilities of the Minister of Conservation, Hon Eugenie Sage, your email has been forwarded to the Minister's office for consideration.
Update #210 months ago
After Numerous emails I have received the following feedback in which i will keep everyone informed as communication develops.

Thank you for your emails to the Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern about the petition you have organised concerning the killing of possums in this country.
The Minister for Biosecurity, Hon Damien O’Connor, will be replying to your emails,as this is something which falls into his area of responsibility.
Thank you for writing
Dinah Okeby
Office of the Prime Minister
Update #111 months ago
Hello Everyone. Thank you for your support this far for the petition on ending possum shooting and 1080 poison in New Zealand. I continue to send out new messages to various places including the media. New Zealand government relies very much on tourism for its economy to grow so by showing them that tourists are willing to stay out of this country based on its cruel acts toward wildlife i hope will get them into submission to change such laws.
I encourage all your comments in which I will use.
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