Stop Animal Testing!

Imagine that you are a newborn gorilla and are playing with your mom when you hear a bang and your mom stops moving. You rush over to her and try to figure out what happened, but before you even have time to think about it you are torn away from your mother, screaming. You are put in a cage where you frantically try to run back to your mom when the cage you are in is shoved roughly into a car which drives farther and farther away from your home. When the car finally stops, your cage is lifted up and when you are put down, your cage is opened, but instead of being let free, you are stuffed into an even smaller cage that is attached to a wall. You barely have enough room to sit, and think that things can't possibly get any worse, but they do. The next thing you know you are chemicals are being pumped into your body and tubes are getting stuck into your mouth and nose. This is what the life of a subject of animal testing is like.

Animal testing is a horrible practice that is administered by very few countries,but sadly, the United States is one of them. Millions of animals are hurt or killed by animal testing every year. They are treated badly and put in very small cages. A disease is put in the animals being tested on, often causing death even before adding the possibly harmful medicine to the animal's body. Also, if the animal survives the testing, they are often killed and not freed or given to a sanctuary. Animal testing is horrible and should be made illegal immediately. 

Another reason why animal testing should not be legal is because there are many horrible things done to animals during the testing process. For example, in one study it was found that scientists at Michigan State University removed cats' eyes, crushed their optic nerves, and then killed the cat when they were done with it. Many other experimenters purposely cause strokes in animals, crush their spinal cords, or slowly poison animals. Thick tubes are forced up the subjects' nostrils and down their throats; babies are intentionally traumatized to see what they will do, and animals are purposely crippled. Animals should not be treated this way. It is not fair to them.

Finally animal testing is also unethical. One reason is that animals can't consent to the testing. When testing humans, subjects have to give their consent before being tested on but animals can't say that they don't want to participate. When animals are being tested on, they are left alone in cages. This is very unethical because all animals should be given a chance to have a good live and to be happy. In the cages the animal subjects barely have enough room

 to sit and stand, let alone do anything to keep themselves occupied. Animal testing is unfair to animals and is a bad way of trying out new medicines.

Animal testing is a horrible practice that should be stopped immediately. It is unethical and unnecessarily cruel. Find out how you can get involved in an organization that helps in the fight to stop animal testing. The animals are counting on you.
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