Stop Bali stray dogs from getting slaughtered

  • by: Chelsea Liu
  • recipient: Pak Jokowi president of Indonesia
Bali dogs has been here for decades maybe even centuries,do you want to be a heartless jerk and kill them all for your own comfort?You might dislike a dog just because it barked at you a few times or it just annoys you,that is just like killing a human because he punched you or because he or she dislikes you.In 2008 Bali was hit with a disease carried by dogs and can infect and one who gets bitten,however I don't think killing the beautiful dogs of Bali will be the answer to stopping rabies from spreading and I as a 12 year old and my mum will forever be against exterminating dogs because killing them is not going to get rid of rabies.The government will occasionally go out and shoot them indiscriminately with a strychnine dart,but this just means a slow,painful and cruel death.I have experienced this many times with my dogs,some one stops near our house and throw or slip a piece of food containing poison which males the dog froths at the mouth then starts spitting out blood,When I was little my mum was out and my babysitter was cleaning the house I snuck outside to find my very own puppy frothing and spitting out blood,I ran to her aid and could not do anything but watch as she died,I cried for hours and refused to leave her side.It was very traumatic experience and I hope no child have to experience that.
The Bali dogs has been a part of the beautiful island of Bali for a long time,Despite all the challenges Mother Nature threw at them,we still have a abundant amount of Bali dogs.We should be grateful for they can guard our houses and shower us with unconditional amount of love and all they expect is a full belly and a loving home,is that too much to ask?Some people dislikes dogs because they spread diseases like governor Made Mangku Pastika, he says "There's so much rabies,Our money has been depleted just to purchase rabies vaccine.Please help,if you see a free-roaming feral dog just eliminate ,don't allow dogs to roam spreading rabies,this is dangerous and frightens people".There are around 500,000 dogs in Bali and 4 million people in Bali that would be one dog for every 8 person and some people's home are to tiny to fit in a dog so they let them roam around.
I personally think that Governor Pastika is either dumb or just heartless or both,He just wasted so much more money on the vaccines and all the sudden he kills all the dogs.Does that increase your money again?Do you gain all the money you lost by killing the Bali dogs?There are many organizations and unions fighting against this act ProMED,the World Health Organization,the National Association of Public Health,the Animal welfare board of India,the European UNion,the Royal SPCA,the world society for the protection of animals,yet Pastika ignores the emails and advices they send.
Just because we are humans do we have the right to kill others because they are not us superior and smart as us.So if there is a disease outbreak and humans are spreading it ,do you think the government will kill all the humans in the area.Think about that
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